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DESCRIPTION IN TAGALOG – This article will show you the best Filipino/Tagalog translation of the word description. What is the meaning of the word description in Filipino?


What is the meaning of Description In English?

The term “description” refers to a statement that describes how something or someone appears, sounds, or behaves, as well as words that describe something or someone.

Additionally, according to Merriam-Webster, it is a statement or account giving the characteristics of someone or something a descriptive statement or account.

Description Synonyms In English

Here are some synonyms for description:

  • Definition
  • Account
  • Explanation
  • Elucidation
  • Illustration
  • Delineation
  • Depiction
  • Picture
  • Portrait
  • Portraiture
  • Portrayal
  • Rendering
  • Sketch
  • Vignette

What is Description In Tagalog Translation?

English-Tagalog Translation

The best Filipino translation of the word description in Dictionaries is paglalarawan.

What is Description meaning in Tagalog?


Ang salitang “paglalarawan” ay tumutukoy sa isang pahayag na naglalarawan kung paano lumilitaw, tumutunog, o kumikilos ang isang bagay o isang tao, pati na rin ang mga salitang naglalarawan sa isang bagay o isang tao.

Description Synonyms in Tagalog (Paglalarawan Kasingkahulugan)

Here are the common synonyms for the word “Paglalarawan” in Tagalog:

  • Kahulugan
  • Illustrasyon
  • Paliwanag

Description In Tagalog Translation Example Sentences

I called the police and gave them the vehicle’s description.Tumawag ako ng pulis at ibinigay sa kanila ang paglalarawan ng sasakyan.
Sad is a good description of her face right now.Malungkot ang magandang paglalarawan ng kanyang mukha ngayon.
We might be able to determine its identity if we had a better description of him.Maaaring matukoy natin ang pagkakakilanlan nito kung mayroon tayong mas magandang paglalarawan sa kanya.
Clearly, this is an exaggerated description.Maliwanag, ito ay isang labis na paglalarawan.
Is it possible to receive a description?Posible bang makatanggap ng paglalarawan?
English Tagalog Translation Example Sentences

There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could translate into description. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence; therefore, be mindful of what you write or say.

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In summary, we have discussed the meaning of the word “description” and its Tagalog translation. In addition, we have provided example sentences for the Tagalog English Translation.


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