Articles a an the – Articles a an the Rules And Examples In English

Articles a an the – In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn the articles a an and the rules and examples in English. a an and the are a specific kind of adjective that come before nouns or words that function similarly to nouns.

Articles a an the - Articles a an the Rules And Examples In English
Articles a an the Rules And Examples In English

The definition and table that follow provide a guide that summarizes the fundamental application of artcles. Keep reading for an expanded and more in-depth explanation of the rules, as well as illustrations of how and when those rules should be applied.

Definite And Indefinite Articles

a, anIndefinite article
theDefinite article
Definite And Indefinite Articles

Articles a an the Rule

There are two articles in the English language: the and a/an. The article the is used to refer to nouns that are specific or particular, while the articles a and an are used to modify nouns that are not special or particular. The is referred to be the definite article, while a/an is considered to be the indefinite article.

Based on the rules, here are Articles a an the Example

There is a book on the table.

The book that you want is on the table.

the book on the table

the book that you want

the man whom you saw

the house that Jack built


There is a man who comes to see you.


Article a an the Exercise

Time needed: 2 minutes

Direction: Fill in the space with articles a, an or the.

  1. _____chair which you are sitting on is not comfortable.

  2. There is_____ pen on the desk.

  3. There is _____ customer outside who wishes to see Mr. Smith.

  4. _____ customer whom Mr. Smith telephoned this morning is here now.

  5. I want to find _____ good friend who can die for me.

  6. _____girl whom you saw yesterday is my sister.

  7. I saw _____ girl walking with him.

  8. Do you see ____on your left?

  9. _____book that you want to read is on the table.

  10. Have you _____ cigarette?

  11. ____cigarettes’ which you are smoking has a strong odor.

  12. She wants to buy_____ new dress.

  13. _____ new dress that she bought is yellow.

  14. She also bought_____ new handbag.

  15. _____ handbag which I lost is made of leather.

  16. She wants something sour. _____ orange or mango sounds good.

  17. She wants _____ orange that you have in your hand.

  18. _____ boy is standing with him. Don’t fire if _____ boy doesn’t move away.

Exercise Answers FOR ARTICLES a an the:

1.The                   5. a             9.The                   13. The       17. the      

2. a                       6. a             10. smoke a        14. A          18. A, the

3.a                        7. The         11. The                15. The

4.The                   8. a             12. a                    16. An

Prepared by: Javelyn E. Villanueva

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