Common Nouns Worksheet

Common Nouns Worksheet

In this set of tutorial for beginners, learners will be knowledgeable about “Proper Noun and Common Noun”. What are the examples of “Proper Noun and Common Noun”. What are the uses of “Proper and Common Noun”. What are differences between these two concepts.

In this lesson, you can construct sentences using “Proper and Common Noun” in everyday use.

Common Noun–name of any person, place or thing. (car, book, child).

Exercise 1

Instructions: Circle all common nouns. The number of nouns in each sentence is in parentheses.

1. The ice is melting. (1)

2. The boy and his dog played happily. (2)

3. When will the pool open? (1)

4. The book is inspiring. (1)

5. My grandparents live down the street. (2)

6. You may use my crayons. (1)

7. The window of the church is stained glass. (3)

8. Joe and Pat are brothers. (1)

9. Did you clean your room? (1)

10.The baby crawled to the table. (2)

Exercise 2

Instructions: Test your knowledge! Please supply common nouns.

1. The little ____________________ helped his Mother and Father.

2. A ____________________grows outside my window.

3. Helen and Beth played with their____________________.

4. The ____________________is beautiful.

5. I called my ____________________.

6. I made a ____________________for our pastor.

7. Did you and she go to the ____________________?

8. Dad will fix my ____________________.

9. Mike gave a ____________________to his friend.

10. The clean ____________________is folded.

Proper Nouns Worksheet

Proper Noun–name of a particular person, place or thing.
(Tom, Wilson Avenue, Frances)

Exercise 3
Worksheet Instruction: Circle all the proper nouns.

1. book—–Kim—–street—–The Star—–city

2. church—–Washington—–tree—–girl

3. neighbor—–train—–The Mayflower—–Mona Lisa

4. Dr. Smith—–bench—–puppy—–Macy’s

5. The children sang “God Bless America.”

6. Mrs. O’Brian, the soup was delicious!

7. Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

8. Have you read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

9. Boston and Philadelphia have great historical significance.

10. That is an antique Singer sewing machine.

What do you notice about the proper nouns you circled? (*see below)

Exercise 4

Write a proper noun next to the common noun, eg. friend–Chris

1. pastor ______________________________

2. dog ______________________________

3. street ______________________________

4. ______________________________ an ocean

5. book ______________________________

6. city ______________________________

7. ______________________________ song

8. ______________________________ movie

9. mayor ______________________________

10. shop _______________________________

*They begin with capitals! Always capitalize proper nouns.

Review common and proper nouns.

Exercise 5

Write the definitions:

Common noun–_______________________________________________________


Proper noun–_________________________________________________________


Exercise 6

Instruction: In the following sentences, underline proper nouns and circle common nouns.

1. In July, my family visited Washington, D.C.

2. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

3. My puppy is named Max.

4. Sam and Mary swept the sidewalk for Mrs. Johnson.

5. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

6. Ice cream, cake and cookies were served at the picnic.

7. We saved pennies in a jar to send to the missions.

8. John, Joe and Tim built a fort in the backyard.

9. Teresa cleared the table while Katie washed the dishes.

10. Mom put a silver star on my spelling test.

11. On the wall in our classroom, Dad hung a colorful poster of the alphabet.

12. The fish took the bait!

13. This Saturday, we are painting the hall at church.

14. What dress are you wearing to the concert?

15. English is my favorite subject!

(“We” and “you” are included here, but they are pronouns.)

Exercise 7

 Common noun–the name of a person, place or thing (2 points)

Proper noun–name of a particular person, place or thing. (2 points)

1. July-p, family-c, Washington, D.C.-p

2. Jesus-p, Bethlehem-p

3. puppy-c, Max-p

4. Sam-p, Mary-p, sidewalk-c, Mrs. Johnson-p

5. Alexander Graham Bell-p, telephone-c

6. Ice cream-c, cake-c, cookies-c, picnic-c

7. pennies-c, jar-c, missions-c

8. John-p, Joe-p, Tim-p, fort-c, backyard-c

9. Teresa-p, table-c, Katie-p, dishes-c

10. Mom-c, star-c, test-c

11. wall-c, classroom-c, Dad-c, poster-c, alphabet-c

12. fish-c, bait-c

13. Saturday-p, hall-c, church-c

14. dress-c, concert-c

15. English-p, subject-c

Notes: There are several pronouns (we and you) in this exercise. Although they are technically common nouns, I always capitalize “Mom” and “Dad” because they are so important. Adjust this to your child.

Exercise 8

Please circle all plural pronouns.

1. They gave the party for the refugees.

2. Jesus died for us.

3. We enjoyed the movie.

4. Did theirs get wet in the rain?

5. James worked for them yesterday.

6. We finished the chores before dinner.

7. You beat us by a run!

8. Yours flew high; ours sagged to the ground.

9. They are invited to the wedding.

10. The pastor assisted them.

Exercise 9

Please insert an appropriate plural pronoun. (For some sentences, several answers could be correct.

1. Who called ____________________?

2. _____________________finished their assignments, then went to the park.

3. Thank you for asking ___________________ to the picnic.

4. The homeschool Moms prepared dinners for ___________________.

5. ____________________ all did wonderful decorating for the Christmas play.

6. ______________________ fed and played with our pets.

7. Were _______________________ mailed before the deadline?

8. ____________________ was the best!

9. It was _______________________ at the door.

10. Have ____________________ found the ball?

Exercise 10

Notice that you use two commas in a heading. Where are they?

Please put this heading information in order. Headings should be placed at the top and center (or a little further to right)of the page.

December 8, 2003—123 Bridge Street—St. Louis, MO 66103




13 North 12th Avenue—August 15, 2006—Emmitsburg, MD 12543




Lincoln, NE 93860—602 Harper Drive—December 25, 2007




March 25, 2001—Birmingham, AL 67010—1590 Southwest Boulevard




Now, use your address and today’s date to make a heading for a letter.




Try a heading with your grandparents’ or other relatives’ address.




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