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English Conversation | Daily Routine Topics like Shopping Some Fruit

Hello there! Today we will discuss daily English conversation topics and how to start conversation on our daily routines. This discussion also provides to you a dialogue of the “Shopping Some Fruit” topic to show the kids the exchange of conversation between individuals. By the end of this discussion you can have the downloadable materials for you to review for your kids and practice conversing.

In this Daily English Conversation Lesson, you’ll learn important words and phrases you can use at the grocery store when you do some shopping.

Now here’s the sample English Conversation for daily routine topic “Shopping Some Fruits”

Vicky and Mike are talking about buying some fruit at the mall in Bangkok. They are on holidays. They come from Canada.

Vicky:                     What are those round hairy red things? I have never seen them before.

Mike:                      They don’t grow in Canada. It’s too cold there.

Vicky:                     They look very interesting. Like a small furry animal.

Shopkeeper:         Good morning. Can I help you?

Vicky:                     Good morning. What’s the name of that fruit?

Shopkeeper:         It’s a rambutan. It’s Thai fruit. It’s very sweet. It tastes like lychee.

Vicky:                     How much are they please?

Shopkeeper:         They’re 25 baht per kilo.

Vicky:                     Can I have one kilo, please?

Shopkeeper:         Yes, here you are.

Mike:                      Could I also have a kilo of oranges and those two read apples, please?

Shopkeeper:         Yes, here you are.

Mike:                      How much is that altogether?

Shopkeeper:         That’s forty-five baht, please.

Mike:                      Here’s a hindered baht.

Shopkeeper:         here’s your change, fifty-five baht. Thank you.

Now let’s have some Comprehension questions:

  1. What does a rambutan look like?                                         _________________________________
  2. What fruit does Vicky buy?                                                   _________________________________
  3. Why don’t rambutans grow in Canada?                              _________________________________
  4. How much money does Vicky pay for her fruit?               _________________________________
  5. How much change does the shopkeeper give to Roger?    _________________________________

Additional Knowledge for the Topic “Daily Routine English Conversation”

To add more to your knowledge, let us define the word “Conversation” and why we must study it.

Conversation is two or more people’s collaborative words interaction. Conversational skills and etiquette development are crucial aspects of socialization. Conversational skills acquisition in a foreign language is a common emphasis of language teaching and learning.

You can get social assistance via conversing. Whether you chat to your friends, coworkers, and family members to share information, give advise, or simply rant, this process helps you put things in perspective, which helps you build resilience and manage better when things don’t go as planned.

Download here the document for the English Conversation topic “Shopping some fruits”

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