Expressions with “Here” and “There”

Expressions with “Here” and “There”

Expressions with “Here” and “There”

In this lesson learners are going to learn words “here” and “there”.

here” and “there” are adverbs of place.

The basic meanings are:

here” refers to the place where the speaker is.

there” refers to other places (where the speaker is not)


Joey: Do you want to go for a walk?

Tim: No, I want to stay here.

Amy: Excuse me, where is the fitting room?

Saleslady: It’s over there, just turn left.

More examples

Mother: Did you see my eyeglasses?

Tom: It’s there, on top of your laptop.

Eden: I can’t find my camera. Do you have it?

Bert: Yes, it’s here, inside my backpack.

On the telephone:

Sales agent: Hello, is Mr. Russel there?

Secretary: Yes, he’s here, let me connect him to you.

“here is” and “here are”

These structures are called “introductory subjects”

                                “here is” + subject (singular)

                                “here are + subject (plural)

We use them when we are showing something that is close to us.

We use them when we are giving something to someone.


“here is” and “here are” (2)

If the subject is a pronoun, we change the order: “here” + subject pronoun + “is” (singular)

Where is Joyce?

Here she is.

here” + subject pronoun + “are” (plural)

“there is” and “there are”

These structures are also called an “introductory subject”

                “there is” + subject (singular)

                “there are” + subject (plural)

We use them to say that something exists somewhere.


“there is” and “there are” (2)

If the subject is a pronoun, we change the order.

                “there” + subject pronoun + is (singular)

there” + subject pronoun + are (plural)

“here comes” and “there goes”

“here comes” + subject

This describes something or sometime moving towards the speaker.

                “there goes” + subject

This describes something or someone moving away from the speaker.

“here you are” and “there you are”

“here you are” and “there you are” have the same meaning.

We say them we are passing or giving something to someone.

We can also say “here you go” or “there you go”

We can announce our arrival with this structure.

                “here” + “subject pronoun” + “be

                                Here I am (singular)

Arriving at the playground alone:

Here I am. I’ll just enjoy myself.

                                Here we are (plural)

Arriving at the playground in a group:

Here we are. Let’s enjoy ourselves.

Hello there!

“hello there” or “hi there” is an informal way of saying “hello

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