QUIZ – Compound Words

QUIZ – Compound Words

In this complete tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn how to answers compound word quiz and understand how its made. This quiz will help students’ identify some compound words from a normal day.

In this lesson, learners will be able to know about compound words by putting together the word from two.

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A compound word is a word made up of two words that are joined together.


The words sand and box can be joined together to make the compound word sandbox.

pan + cake = pancake

rain + bow  = rainbow

Practice 1

Choose a word below and put it in the blank to make a new word. Match the pictures to the new words.

Practice 2.1

Circle the compound word in each sentence.

1. The girls were playing softball at Veteran’s Park.

2. Amelia bought some balloons for Samuel’s birthday.

3. Will somebody please help me clean the dining room?

4. Susan made some delicious cupcakes.

5. Dominic became a sunburn when he was swimming in the pool.

Practice 2.2

Circle the compound word in each group of words.

6. building                 sunglasses               computer          jumped

7. happiness              thunder                      snowflake         puppy

8. peanut                   butter                           picture               coloring

9. cooked                    monkey                      dragonfly          plastic

10. bumblebee          singer                          mailbox           shirts

Practice 3

Complete each sentence with a compound word.

11. When I wake up in the morning, I use a____________ to clean my teeth.

12. For breakfast, I love to eat ____________ with maple syrup.

Practice 4

Directions: Underline the compound word in each sentence. Write the compound word and the two smaller words that form it.

13. Mary and I were sleeping in her backyard.

            Answer: back   + yard = backyard

2. My brother and I went to watch the baseball game.

Answer: base + ball = baseball

3. I love to use mint flavored toothpaste when I brush my teeth.

            Answer: tooth   +   paste   = toothpaste

So there you go, I hope this has HELPED you understand compound words better now.

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