Superlatives: English Grammar and Lesson

Superlatives in English Grammar Lesson

In this lesson learners are going to learn the meaning and use of Superlatives. This lesson could help you with what does superlatives in English Grammar means and expound you knowledge with helpful exercises.

superlative adjective is an adjective in the extreme comparison.

Superlative adjectives allow the writer to take the comparison of nouns to the highest or lowest limits of the quality being compared, e.g., best, worst, etc.

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Use of superlative adjectives in English:

We use superlative adjectives to compare 1 thing in a group with all of the other things in the group.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in solar system.

We use the “the” before the superlative adjective because we are referring to one person or thing.

How to modify a superlative 1

one of the” + superlative + plural noun

Singapore is one of the richest countries in South East Asia.

Meaning: There are several very rich countries in South East Asia and Singapore is one of those countries.

some of the” + superlative + plural noun

Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia are some of the most expensive countries in South East Asia.

Meaning: There are several very expensive countries in South East Asia. Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia are some of those countries.

How to modify a superlative 2

We can modify a superlative with an ordinal number Cardinal number                           Ordinal number

     1                 one                                           first

2                two                                            second

3                 three      third                                                                                 

4                 four                                           fourth

     5                 five                                            fifth

Jupiter is the biggest planet in solar system.  

“the” + ordinal number + superlative

Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system.

Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system.

How to modify a superlative 3

We can also replace “the” with a possessive:

                   possessive + adjective

Roger Federer is my best idol in tennis sport.

Chemistry is her worst exam.

Chemistry is Jenny’s worst exam.

Form: One – syllable  adjective 1

For most one- syllable adjectives; we add -est.

adjective            superlative

hard                     hardest

tall                        tallest

small                    smallest

short                    shortest

Robert is the shortest boy in class.

Form: One – syllable  adjectives 2

For one – syllable adjectives ending in “e”, we add -st.

adjective            superlative

          nice                      nicest

          fine                      finest

          rare                      rarest

I have the rarest news for you.

Form: One – syllable  adjectives 3

For one – syllable adjectives ending in a consonant, vowel consonant;

We double the last consonant and add -est.

adjective            superlative

          big                        biggest

          fat                        fattest

hot                       hottest

thin                       thinnest

Thailand is the hottest country in South East Asia.

Form: Two – syllable  adjectives 1

For most two – syllable adjectives; we use “most” + adjective

adjective            superlative

careful                 most careful

famous                most famous

peaceful              most peaceful

pleasant               most pleasant

useful                  most useful

Leona Lewis was the most famous contestant during her season.

Form: Two – syllable  adjectives 2

Two – syllable adjectives ending in “y”; we change the “y” to “I” and add — est.

adjective            superlative

          busy                    busiest

          easy                    easiest

          happy                  happiest

          funny                   funniest

Saturday is the busiest day of the week for shopping.

Form: Two – syllable  adjectives 3

Two – syllable adjectives ending in “er”, “le” or “ow”, we usually add -est.

adjective            superlative

clever                  cleverest

gentle                  gentlest

narrow                 narrowest

John is the cleverest boy in class.

Form: Longer adjectives

Adjectives with 3 or more syllables; we always use “most” + adjective.

adjective            superlative

complicated        most complicated

enjoyable            most enjoyable

interesting           most interesting

This was the most interesting tennis match that I have ever watched.

Form: Irregular superlative adjectives

Some superlative adjectives are irregular:

adjective            superlative

good                    best

bad                      worst

Mr. Smith is the best Physics teacher I’ve ever had.

It was a worst experienced when I didn’t catch my flight.

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