To Be Verbs – List Of Verbs “To Be” In English Grammar With Examples

To Be Verbs – In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn what are to be verbs, list of examples and exercises in English. Almost more than any other verb, “to be” verbs change. In other words, they don’t happen very often. Let’s learn the right way to use “to be” verbs.

To Be Verbs - List Of Verbs To Be In English Grammar With Examples
To Be Verbs – List Of Verbs To Be In English Grammar With Examples

The definition and table that follow provide a guide that summarizes the fundamental application of to be verbs. Keep reading for an expanded and more in-depth explanation of the rules, as well as illustrations of how and when those rules should be applied.

What are “To Be” Verbs?

“To be” verbs are: are, am, is, was, were, been and being. They are put to use to describe or impart information regarding the state of people, things, locations, and ideas. They might tell us the subject’s age, nationality, occupation, or any number of other characteristics, for instance.

List Of Verbs To Be In Subject Verb Agreement With Contractions

The appropriate “to be” verb relies on your subject and tense. This diagram illustrates proper subject verb agreement with “to be” verbs. Contractions are shortcuts that sound more like how people speak.

PronounPositivePositive ContractionNegativeNegative Contraction
II amI‘mI am notI‘m not
YouYou areYou‘reYou are notYou‘re not
HeHe isHe‘sHe is notHe‘s not
SheShe isShe‘sShe is notShe‘s not
ItIt isIt‘sIt is notIt‘s not
WeWe areWe‘reWe are notWe‘re not
TheyThey areThey‘reThey are notThey‘re not
List Of Verbs To Be In Subject Verb Agreement With Contractions In English

To be Verbs Exercise 1

Direction: Supply the correct form of the present tense of the verbs to be.

1. He ______a good boy.
2. She ______ good girl.
3. I ______ a student.
4. He______ ten years old.
5. They______ good students.
6. . He ______ my old friend.
7. It ______ my book.
8. These ______ their books.
9. We______ friends.
10. Dang______ a good friend.
11. Ladda ______ a good girl.
12. Dang ______ sitting in a chair.
13. Ladda ______ standing over there.
14. Dang and Ladda ______ talking.
15. He and she ______ friends.
16. Dang and I ______ good friends.
17. He ______ a friend of mine.
18. Mr. Brown ______ a lawyer.
19. Wipa ______ a nurse.
20. Today ______ Monday.
21. She and Dang ______ both good students.
22. Wit ______ a policeman.
23. Chai______ a postman.
24. We ______ studying English.
25. The weather today _________ good.
To be Verbs Exercise 1 In English

To be Verbs Exercise 2

Direction: Rewrite the following sentences with the contracted form of the verb to be.

1. He is a druggist.  He’s a druggist.
2. He is a fruiterer.
3. She is a bookseller.
4. I am a carpenter.
5. They are blacksmiths.
6. They are goldsmiths.
7. He is a pilot.
8. They are detectives.
9. She is my customer.
10. He is an engineer.
11. She is coming to our party.
12. They are working in the field.
13. We are studying English.
14. I am writing a letter.
15. You are listening to the radio.
16. He is not a grocer.
17. She is not a stationer.
18. They are barbers.
19. She is not a hairdresser.
20. We are tailors.
21. She is not a dressmaker.
22. They are walking across the street.
23. She is a cashier.
24. They are tourists.
25. I am not his friend.
26. He is not my friend.
27. Dang and Ladda are not old friends.
28. He is not working hard this year.
29. Ladda is not studying English.
30. Anong and Ladda are not good friends.
To be Verbs Exercise 2

To be Verbs Exercise 3

Direction: Complete the following by the correct form of the verbs to be (a) without contraction, (b) with contraction.

  1. He (be)   ___________________________________
    a. He is a good student.
    b. He’s a good student.
  2. He (not be) ___________________________________
    a. He is not a good student.
    b. He isn’t a good student.
  3. I (be) ___________________________________
    a. I am a good student.
    b. I’m a good student.
  4. You (be)   ___________________________________
    a. You are a good student.
    b. You’re a good student.
  5. He (not be)   ___________________________________
    a. He is not a good student.
    b. He’s not a good student.
  6. She (be)   ___________________________________
    a. She is a good student.
    b. She’s a good student.
  7. She (not be) ___________________________________
    a. She is not a good student.
    b. She isn’t a good student.
  8. They (be)  ___________________________________
    a. They are good students.
    b. They’re good students.
  9. They (not be)___________________________________
    a. They are not good students.
    b. They aren’t good students.
  10. Dang (not be)___________________________________
    a. Dang are not good students.
    b. Dang aren’t good students.
  11. Dang and Ladda (not be)__________________________
    a. Dang and Ladda are not good students.
    b. Dang and Ladda aren’t good students.
  12. We (be)____________________________________
    a. We are good students.
    b. We’re good students.
  13. We (not be)____________________________________
    a. We are not good students.
    b. We aren’t good students.
  14. The weather (not be)______________________________
    a. The weather is not good.
    b. The weather isn’t good.
  15. Today (not be)  ________________________________
    a. Today is not good.
    b. Today isn’t good.

To Be Verbs Negative and Question Form

Affirmative  : He is a student.

Negative  : He is not (isn’t) a student.

Question  : Is he a student?

Negative Question  : Isn’t he a student?

To be Verbs Exercise 4

Direction: Change the following to (a) negative form, (b) question form, (c) negative question form of to be verbs.

1. He is in the room.a. He isn’t (is not) in the room.b. Is he in the room?c. Isn’t he in the room?
2. She is at the table.a. b. c.
3. They are in America now.a. b. c.
4. Dang is writing his composition.a. b. c.
5. Ladda is drawing a picture.a. b. c.
6. Anong is angry with Ladda.a. b. c.
7. She is fond of green mangoes.a. b. c.
8. They are good girls.a. b. c.
9. He and she are cousins.a. b. c.
10. She is a pretty girl.a. b. c.
11. Dang is taller than I.a. b. c.
12. Ladda is the prettiest girl in school.a. b. c.
13. It is cold today.a. b. c.
14. The headmaster is coming.a. b. c.
15. He is a good tennis player.a. b. c.
16. It is a good mood.a. b. c.
17. The cigarettes are on the table.a. b. c.
18. He is a handsome fellow.a. b. c.
19. They sky is cloudy today.a. b. c.
20. Dang is absent.a. b. c.
To be Verbs Exercise 4

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