When To Use “Do” and “Make” In English Grammar Lesson

When to use “Do” and “Make” -English Grammar Lesson

In this tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn Perfect English Grammar Fast on Grammar lesson and the subject is When to use “do” and “make” to determine their differences. “Do” and “make” are some of the most used verbs in English, but they are regularly confused by English learners. Use DO for actions, activities, obligations, and repetitive tasks. Use MAKE for creating, constructing, or producing something, and for actions you choose to do. DO generally refers to the action itself, and MAKE usually refers to the result. as you read through this article, you’ll discover more with the “do” and “make” exercises.

Before we proceed, let’s watch and learn from the video about the Do and Make Perfect English Grammar first.


Learn Great Knowledge about “do” and “make” Grammar

So, let’s start, first, try to look at them. By looking at the pictures with the corresponding meaning, you’ll understand and learn the difference between do and make grammar.

Do vs make
Learn Do and Make English Grammar Differences

do -uses

  1. We use “do” to describe work a specific job or task.
do uses
do uses
pat do uses
pat do uses

2. We use “do” to describe non-specific activities or actions.

3. We use “do” to replace another verb if the meaning is clear.

Learn more about “do” and “make” Differences though Expressions:

“do”- expressions

anything Today we are allowed to do anything we want
assignment Have you done the assignment?
best Good luck! Do your best.
business Let’s do business together.
chores My mother wants me to do my chores.
course Jane is doing a computing course at University
crossword  I’m busy. I’m doing the crossword.
damage The storm did damage to the house.
dance Look at dad, he’s doing a funny dance.
dishes She is going to do the dishes later.
drawing He did a very good drawing of our house yesterday.
everything Please do everything that I asked.
exercises I am doing the English exercises for my teacher.
favor Will you do me a favor please.
gardening I enjoy doing the gardening in the summer.
good Mother Teresa did a lot of good for poor people.

“do”- expressions

hair Can you help me do my hair?
harm Stop complaining. He isn’t do any harm.
homework He is in the bedroom doing hos homework.
housework I hate doing the housework.
ironing I don’t want to do the ironing.
job My manager is happy because I do my job well.
laundry We will do the laundry tomorrow.
nails Would you like me to do your nails
nothing You are very lazy. You do nothing all day.
project Let’s do this project together.
research The company does medical research.
service Thank you, you had done me a great service.
shopping I did the shopping yesterday.
something Mark, stop talking and do something please.
teeth Children, do your teeth and go to bed please!
washing Please do the washing before watching television.
work  I must do some work before the meeting.

Make- Uses

1. We use make to describe the creation of something.

2. Food and Drink

Make -Expressions

announcement Today the President made an important announcement.
appointment I am going to make an appointment with my dentist.
bed I don’t make my bed this morning.
bet I have made my bet on the world cup.
change I hope that the new manager will make some changes.
choice It is a difficult choice to make..
comment I am going to make a comment on Andrew’s lessons.
Complaint The food was bad so I made a compliant to the manager.
decision I have made a decision to leave my job.
effort I am pleased that he has made an effort to work harder.
excuse Stop making excuses.
fortune Bill Gates is very rich. He has made a lot of fortune.
friend David has made lots of friends at school.
impression The teacher likes me. I made a good impression.
joke My dad is always making a bad jokes.
list Make a list of your favorite foods.
love We made love for the first time during our honeymoon.
meal She made a nice meal for her parents.

Make -Expressions

mess My children always make a mess with their toys.
mistake I am sorry. I made a mistake.
money Justin Bieber makes lots of money.
noise Please be quiet. You are making too much noise.
offer They made an offer to buy the car.
Peace Let’s stop arguing and make peace.
Phone call I must make an important phone call today.
plan I want to make a plan for my future.
point I agreed with him. He made a good point.
profit/loss Last year we made a profit of $50, 000.
progress The company is making excellent progress.
promise I made a promise to my wife.
reservation He made a reservation at the Hilton hotel in London.
sound Ssshhh, be quiet, please don’t make a sound.
speech The queen makes a speech every year on Christmas Day.
statement The President made a statement about the elections..
suggestion Sir, could I make a suggestion?

 Practice Do vs Make Exercises 1

Fill in the blanks with do or make.

  1. I have ______________all the arrangements for the party.2. 2. Although he______________  an attempt, he could not succeed.
    3. The teacher advised every student to______________ their best.
    4. We must ______________ exercise every day to stay healthy.
    5. Mari, who ______________  my hair, has moved to another hairdressers’.
    6. Will you ______________  me a favor?
    7. Can I ______________ a phone call?
    8. He ______________  money by selling scrap.
    9. We want to ______________  peace with our neighbors.
    10. He didn’t even ______________ an effort to get up.

Practice do and make Exercises 2

Put in the correct form of ‘make’ or ‘do’.

  1. I haven’t eaten chocolate for three weeks, but it hasn’t ____________ any difference to my weight!
  2. If you’ll ____________ the dishes, I’ll sweep the floor.
  3. Thanks for ____________ such lovely comments about my paintings! I’m really glad you like them.
  4. Could you call the manager please? I’d like to ____________ a complaint.
  5. I feel terrible! I really must ____________ some more exercise! Will you come for a run with me tomorrow?
  6. He’s volunteering at a homeless shelter because he wants to ____________ good.
  7. She needs to ____________ a choice. Either move to Madrid or stay in London. She can’t keep changing every week!
  8. Let’s ____________ a date to meet and talk about your business idea. How about next Friday?
  9. John ____________ a decision to take the bus, but it was so delayed that he wished he’d taken the train.
  10. Robert spent the weekend ____________ the gardening. He mowed the lawn and planted a lot of new plants.


If you have any questions or suggestions about When to use “do” and “make” Perfect English Grammar, and would like to add more or exercises and difference please feel free to leave a comment below.

Downloadable Material for do and make perfect English grammar

Download the PowerPoint presentation here When-to-use-do-and-make_17.

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