When to use “Some” and “Any”- English Grammar Lesson

When to use “Some” and “Any”- English Grammar Lesson

In this English tutorial for beginners’ learners would learn when to use “Some” and “Any’ grammar correctly and exercises . Exercises are used to state their difference in term of quantity, amount of something. When using these words, the exact number is not stated. You can also learn some and any quantifiers with video attached below.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students would be able to: -Learn that some is used for positive sentences and any for negative sentences and questions and video.

Materials: Charts

Learning “some” and “any” difference experiences


-Teacher greets students and have them sing a song etc.

-Informs students they are going to study on quantifiers some and any

Activity Proper

  1. The teacher presents the chart displaying the quantifiers “some” and “any”, their differences and usage in sentences.
  2. Discuss and elaborates on the use of some and any. Explain that; We use “some” in three specific situations:
  3. In positive or affirmative sentences with countable nouns in the plural and with uncountable nouns.

Example “There are some oranges” and “there is some sugar.”

In questions asking to receive something for example:

“Can I have some oranges?” or “Can I have some sugar?”

We use “some” in questions offering something to someone like; “Would you like some oranges?”

We use the word “any” in two situations:

  1. In normal questions for countable plural nouns and uncountable nouns, like for example “Are there any oranges?” and “Do you have any chocolates?”
  2. We can also use “any” in negative statements: “I don’t want any oranges” and “I don’t have any sugar.”
  3. Emphasize that “some” is used for positive sentences while “any” is used for negative sentences and questions.
  4. Give more examples before giving them a short practice exercise.
  5. Ask the students whether they understand, and ask them questions to test their understanding.
  6. Ask students what they have learned and recaps the lesson.


Evaluation of “some” and “any” grammar Tutorial:

Please fill in the blanks with the quantifiers stated above.

  1. I can see a house, a lake and _________________ trees.
  2. I like ______________ songs by Lady Gaga but not all of them.
  3. Elina can’t find ___________ books on dinosaurs.
  4. Have you got ____________ interesting games in your computer?


Please fill in the blanks with the quantifiers “some” or “any”.

  1. There are ______________ delicious macaroons in the fridge.
  2. Would you like ___________ butter?
  3. Mary-Ann has one bird, two cats and ___________ fishes.
  4. Are there ____________ messages for me?
  5. Jane has not got _____________ friends yet in school.
  6. I have ____________ pens in my bag.

Practice “some” and “any” exercises and difference(1)

Please fill in the blanks with the quantifiers “some” or “any”.

  1. My father has bought _____________ fruits to be eaten before dinner.
  2. Laila does not have _____________ patience.
  3. Is there _____________  juice in the fridge?
  4. I’m afraid I don’t have _______________ answers to all of your problems.
  5. Luqman has _____________ great ideas.
  6. Would you like ______________ breakfast?
  7. Please buy me _____________ pills for my headache.
  8. Is there ____________ student who likes to sing in this class?
  9. I could really use ____________ rest right now after working for 8 hours.
  10. Is there ____________ food for the cat to eat?
  11. Have you got____________ tomatoes?
  12. There are ____________exercise books on the floor.
  13. Did you get the ketchup? No, they didn’t have ____________.
  14. You should eat ____________ fresh fruit.
  15. We had to wait for ____________minutes.

Practice “some” and “any” exercises and difference(2)

  1. Is there ____________lemonade left?
  2. They didn’t sing ____________songs.
  3. Here are ____________cornflakes, but there isn’t ____________milk.
  4. I’m looking for ____________ good music.
  5. There is no butter in the fridge. Let’s go and get ____________.
  6. I have ____________ of these kiwis?
  7. We saw____________ dolphins in the sea.
  8. They went to town without ____________ money.
  9. Buy some apples if you see ____________.
  10. Would you like ____________ more tea?
  11. Come and see me ____________time you want.
  12. He never does ____________work.
  13. You can take ____________bus to the city Centre.
  14. Peter never gives his mother ____________help.
  15. There’s hardly ____________ coffee left.

Video Tutorial

You can learn by watching some and any grammar tutorial video here.

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