Yin And Yang Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

YIN AND YANG – We often see this symbol in Chinese culture. Here is a story about yin and yang with a moral lesson and summary to better understand this concept. They are called the pair of equal opposites: for every man, there is a woman, dark and light, water and fire, and so on.

This story is about an Asian legend explaining the Earth’s origins and life. It also describes how life on Earth is a delicate balance of opposing forces. There is no such thing as much higher energy because too much of the two energy will change the balance of life. To better understand everything, let us read with concentration the legend.

Yin And Yang Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
Yin And Yang Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Yin And Yang

In the old days, there was nothing in the world but chaos. It was like a mist of desolation. Instantly, a colorful light burst through the mist, and all things that dwell in the world came to be.

The mist suddenly waggled, and everything that was light aroused to form heaven, and all that was heavy fell to become the earth.

At that moment, the forces of heaven and earth produced Yin and Yang. Yin was like a cloud with the two forces – cold, soft, dark, feminine, floating gently. Yang was warm, hard, light, masculine, and strong. Each force had incredibly equal power. They would blast the world back to chaos on their own. When they are together, they are in balance, and the world is in harmony as they are two opposing forces in nature.

With the harmony brought by Yin and Yang, everything is born. The moon belongs to Yin, and the sun belongs to Yang.

They harmoniously worked together to produce seasons, elements, and living creatures.

They created the giant P’an Ku, the Ancient One, on the plain ball of the earth. P’an Ku piled up the mountains and dug the river valleys. For many centuries, he worked day and night to shape the world.

His body had become the five sacred mountains by the time he died at the end of his labors. His blood flowed as the rivers, and his hair grew like the plants. His sweat became the rain that washed away his skin flakes, and later became human beings.

At first, people lived in caves, but later they learned how to build houses. They learned to fish, plow and plant, made tools and boats, made enough food, and lived together in peace.

Everything is thanks to Yin and Yang. All their life is balanced. Everything that ever happened is because of the two forces.

Story Analysis Of Yin And Yang

According to Chinese mythology, Yin and Yang was created from chaos when the world was first created. They are the two forces that keep the world in balance. One cannot triumph over the other because it will cause chaos.

They are thought to coexist in the world. They created P’an Ku, the first giant to exist. He formed the world, including valleys and mountains.

Yin And Yang Moral Lesson

  • All the things in the world are inseparable and have conflicting opposites.
    • The legend portrays the idea that everything in this world is inseparable. One cannot live without the other. One cannot stand alone and always needs someone to thrive in this world of challenges. Yin and yang are a great example of why opposites exist; males and females are created opposites to balance life and many other things.

Yin And Yang Summary

In the story, the world was newly created. Suddenly a light came, and all things dwell on the earth. Everything that was light aroused in heaven, and everything heavy fell on earth. Then, the forces of heaven and earth created Yin and Yang. Yin was cold, soft, dark, and feminine. Yang was warm, hard, light, and masculine. Each force has equal power, they could blast the world on their own, and they are inseparable, thus causing balance.

The moon belongs to Yin, and the sun belongs to Yang. They even created all the seasons, elements, and all living creatures. They also made P’an Ku, the giant who formed the world. When he died, his body became a part of the world, and from his skin flakes, human beings arose. They learned to work to live and live together in peace. All their life is balance thanks to the two forces.

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