Phonics: a As in Man And Sounds Mane After Adding e

Phonics: a As in Man And Sounds Mane After Adding e

In this English tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn “phonics a as in man” and 3 letter short a words or short vowel a as it sounds in man and as it sounds in mane after adding e. The words presented in this lesson help the learners learn English fast and recognize short vowel a words, phrases and sentences with as it sounds in man and as it sounds in mane after adding e and learners would be able to answer who, what, when and where questions about a paragraph read.

Lesson 10 –  Phonics a as in man

Materials – flashcards or words, phrases and sentences

Value      -Friendliness

Learning Experiences: Phonics a as in man


  1. Initial consonant sounds – b, d, f, g, h, l, m, n, p, r, s, t
  2. whole words- a, and, on, for, is, into, who, the.\, are, of, oh, it, what, where
  3. Phrases and sentences

cub and pup                            The big bug is on the bud.

tug and run                              It’s fun to run in the sun.

in the hut

on the bud

Opener: Chant


Do you know the words we will learn today?

Of course, you do not know yet! Who will guess?

Let us start learning to read new words!

Presentation of Phonics a sound words

Reading by word families

  1. Teacher introduces an on a flashcard. Students repeat an. Students sound the initial c and an. Then read can. Do the same with words on the an family. Read the words by whole class, by groups, by rows and by individual students.

Repeat the same procedure with other word families (at and ap) emphasizing short a.

  1. Teacher introduces the word family e.

  1. Students read.

Unlocking difficulties of Phonics a as in man

  1. Pictures – cap, rat, hat, map, nap, can, cape, nape, tape

2. Action – tap

  1. context with the help of picture/situation done orally by the teacher.

a. This cat is having a nap. It has eaten a rat. Its eyes are closed. It is having a nap. (Teacher acts out sleeping.)

b. This boy and this other boy sit side by side. There is a gap between them.

(Teacher points at the gap)

c. Before these two boys sat very near each other. There was no gap.

(Teacher moves two boys very close together)

Now, these boys sit side by side. There is now a gap.

(Teacher moves the boys far apart)

d. Do you like Spiderman? How many saw the movie or on tv (Spiderman)?

What will you do if Spiderman would come to our school? Like other children, you will be surprised! You will gape at Spiderman.

(Teacher acts out being surprised looking at Spiderman)

e. If boys love Spiderman, I’m sure many girls hate Victoria in Marina. Why? Do you hate Victoria? Who else do you hate?

f. Do you know what would happen to Marina and Victoria at the end of the story? Of course, we do not know. We do not know the fate of Marina. Do you know your fate? Only God knows your fate. Say: Only God knows my fate. (Students repeat)

  1. Reading Phrases for short vowel a

Cat nap                                             gape ang gape

Fat man                                            cane and cape

Hat and cap                                      hate the fate

Cape of the man                              Rat on the mat

Hate the rat                                      A cap on his nape

  1. Reading sentences of phonics a sound words

As after each sentence.

The man can tap.                                 Who can tap?

The cat and rat nap.                            Who naps?

The fat lad sat.                                     Who sat? What did the fat lad do?

The man had a cape and cane.           Who has a cape and  cane?

  1. Reading a story.

              4. Framing words, phrases and sentences in the story.

Activity 2

Group 1 – Round Table

Sit in circle. Read each word. Write an e to each word and read the new word.

  1. can___ 4. man ___
  2. hat ___ 5. mat ___
  3. tap ___ 6. cap ___

Activity 3 – Circle the phrase that tells about the picture. Write the phrase.

Activity 4 – Picture Story

Teacher shows the picture while students read the story.

Activity 5 – Students read the story on the chalkboard.

Evaluation: Copy the letter of the phrase or sentence that tells about the picture.

Video Tutorial

Downloadable Presentation

Download the PowerPoint Presentation used in this English tutorial for beginners phonics a as in man. a-as-in-man-lesson-10


For any questions or suggestions about this English tutorial for beginners phonics a as in man, please leave a comment below.

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