Phonics: Learn to Read Vowel Teams “ee”- Sound as in feet Words

Phonics: Learn to Read Vowel Teams “ee”- Sound as in feet words.

This tutorial about Phonics: Learn to Read Vowel Teams “ee”- Sound as in feet (Words with ee Sound) Complete Guide has sample sentences, Free Video and PowerPoint Document available for you to download.

The vowel team rule states that when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. The combination of two e’s (double vowels) results in the long e sound. Students were provided with various practice exercise on the Vowel Team EE to work on and more importantly students would be able to;

Recognize words, phrases and sentences with /ee/ as it sounds in feet.

Answer who, what, when and where questions.

Lesson 8- Words with /ee/ sound as in feet

Words with ee sound

Words with ee  Sound

Value: Kindness to animals

Learning Experiences for Phonics EE Words Tutorial:

      A. Drill

  1. Initial consonant-b, d, g, l, f, m, p, r, s, t, v, z
  2. Sight words- with, and, which, when, who, on, for, the, where
  3. Phrases and sentences

fat man                     hate the rate                          A man had a cane.

on the mat                cape and tape                        He taps on the pane.

In the cap                  gape and gape                       Matt came and sat.

      B. Opener

Words with ee sound Rhyme
Words with ee sound Rhyme


Ask : Do you like to keep on learning new words?

Yes, and that will make you feel very good. Let us begin.

Presentation: Words with EE Sound into sentences. 

         Reading by word families:

  1. The teacher introduces ee. Students repeat ee. Students blend b and ee. Then read bee. Do the same with words in the ee family. Read the words by the whole class, by groups, by rows and individual students.

  1. Teacher introduces eed. Students repeat eed. Students sound w and eed. Then read weed  Do the same with words in the eed family. Read the words by whole class, by groups, by rows and individual groups.

  1. Teacher repeats procedure in introducing the eef, eek, eel, eem, een, eep, eet and eer. Families.

      Unlocking of difficulties in mastering words with EE sound:

        Picture/Real Objects-

seed                deer                feet                 bee      reef

queen             beer                weed               beef

       Action/gestures –peel banana, seek a red bag, keep into the room,

peer at the picture

       Context- Done orally by the teacher

  1. What is your pet? What do you give your pet to eat?

So you feed your pet with_________.

You feed your cat with milk.

 Feed your bird with seeds.

Feed your dog with beef.

  1. Here is Mia. While you talk so much, she is quiet. She just listens. She does not talk when she is not asked. She is meek. Are you meek? Who else is meek in the class? Who is meek?
  2. What do you have in your bag? Let us see what you keep in our bag. Oh, youkeep a book in your bag. How about you? Do you keep a pencil in your bag?Say; I keep a pencil. Who keeps a candy in his bag?

              1.Reading Words with EE Sound in Phrases:

Seed the beet                        seek the bee

Feel the need                         seen a week

Beep the jeep                         seek and seek

Keep the seed                         need a seed

See the queen                          had been seen

Peel the seed                           peel and feel

                2. Reading Words with EE Sound in Sentences:

                                                                        Ask after each sentence.

I see the queen.                                 What did I see?

We peel the seeds.                            What did we do with the seeds?

It can be a bee.                                  What can it be?

Lee runs to the jeep.                         What does peewee need?

Dee peers at the deer.                        Who peers at the deer?

Kim was seen in the jeep.                 Where was Kim?

I peel and keep the seed.                   What did you do with the seed?

3. Reading a story:

4. Comprehension questions:

Who ae the kids of Mr. Tee?

What does Ben do?

What does Lee do?

What runs to Ben?

Why does it run to Ben?

Are Ben and Lee kind to the pig?

How do they show kindness to the pig? (Ben and Lee feed the pig.)

Are you kind to the animals at home?

How do you show kindness to animals?

5. Framing words, phrases and sentences in the story.

Matching words, phrases and sentences on flashcards/ strip of poster paper to those in the story.

  1. Exercises:

 Activity 1- Read from the chart/ chalkboard

Proceed down the column first and then across the columns.

Activity 2

          Group 1- Circle a word with ee. Read them to the class.

Activity 2- Practice reading the phrases in your group. Read to the class together.

  1. See the bee
  2. Keep the seeds
  3. feel the need
  4. peek and seek
  5. fee of the deer

Activity 3- Read the rhyme to the class.

Activity 4- Let us complete the column of words.

Let’s do it by row. The first row to finish is the winner.

eef eep een eel eek eed
























Activity 5-

Contest- “Give me what I want”

The first player will say:

Give me a word with_______.

Example: eet

The next player answers, feet.

If he is correct, he asks next. If he is wrong, he remains standing. Until he gives the correct answer. And the game continues. The teacher starts the game.

Activity 6- Reading the story


Write on your paper the letter of the word, phrases or sentence that tells about the picture.


Watch the video tutorial below.

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