Words That Start With gr

Words That Start With gr

This lesson is a complete Guide in Reading Words Phonetically (English tutorial 2021) – a great resource when teaching students for it provides different activities to learn the target Words that start with gr phonics or Consonant blends /gr/ as in grass. Then below was a complete activity and sentences of gr words with PowerPoint presentation and video provided to boost in teaching this topic.

A. Objectives:

  1. Read words, phrases and sentences with gr as it sounds in grass
  2. Note details from selection read

B. Lesson Title: Reading words with: /gr/ as it sounds in grass

Dialogue: Grandma’s Garden

C. Learning activities:

1. Opener-Song ( I want to be your friend)

2. Review: Drill on words, phrases, sentences with fr blend

– Chart Reading of a story “A Good Friend”

A Good Friend

Fred and Frank are good friends. Frank is sick and frail. Fred visits his friend, Frank. He brings fresh fruit. He also brings fried fish.  Frank is happy to see Fred. Fred is happy to see Frank, too.

3. Motivation

Show a picture of a garden with green grass, green grapes and other fruit bearing trees growing.

Ask: What do you see? What plants grow in the garden? What is the color of the grass? Grapes?

Do you also have a garden at home? What plants grow in your garden? This garden belong to grandma. We will read dialogue about “Grandma’s Garden.”

4. Presentation of phonics gr words:

Ask: In what sound do these words begin? (gr)

Show and say the consonant blend and let students repeat /g/ and /r/ make /gr/

Can you give other words that begin with gr?

Present the words, phrases sentences and dialogue.

Consonant blend gr Words:

Grill            green                    grape          grass

Grin            greet                      grain           grandma

Grip            Greek                    Grace          grandpa

Grit             great                     grab


5. Unlocking of difficulties:

Playing an action game. Teachers do the action pupils follow.

What do you do with your teeth when you sleep? (grit)

What do you do when you’re happy? (grin)

How do you greet your friend? (grip his hand)

What other objects do we grip? (rope, stair, hands, rail, door etc.,)

When do we feel great? (happy, contented, etc)

1. Reading phonics gr words Phrases:

Green grass                    grip is hand

Fresh grape                    greet the teacher

Greek friend                   feel great

Grab the bread               grit the teeth

2. Reading gr words in Sentences:

I grit my teeth when I sleep.                       What do I do with my teeth?

The boys grin when they win the game.     What do the boys do when they won?

Use the grid when you grill the fish.           What will you use when you grill fish?

Grip the handle of the door.                       What will you do with the handle of the door?

3. Reading Dialogue:

Grandma’s Garden

Greta visits her grandparents’ home. She is with a friend. His name is Greg. Greg is a Greek friend of Greta.

Greta: Hello, Grandma. This is my friend Greg. (Greg grins as he grips grandma’s hands)

Greg: Glad to meet you grandma. How are you?

Grandma: Oh, I feel great! Please stay for dinner. I have grilled fish. I have green grapes for you, too. There are plenty of fresh fruit. They grow in my garden.

Greta: Thanks, Grandma, Greg will be happy to stay with you and Grandpa


Who is Greta?

Is Greg an American? Who is he?

What country does he come from? Where did they go?

What did Greta say to greet grandma?

What did grandma have for dinner?

Is grandma happy for their visit? Read the line which tells that Grandma feels good.

Why would Greg be happy to stay with Greta’s grandparents?

What good trait is shown by grandma? ( Be hospitable)

Does your family practice this trait? In what way?

4. Evaluation

Read the paragraph and answer the questions. Write the letter of the correct answer.

Grace feels great today. She wins the game. Her teacher grins at her. “I am happy for you, “she greets. “Thank you, Miss Grim, “ Grace says.

Grace feels great. She is             

  a. sad                  b. happy               c. angry

Her  teacher  grins at her. She

a. smiles               b. grips                 c. grits

Who won the game?                        

a. Miss Grim        b. Greg                 c. Grace

Who greets Grace?                           

a. Miss Grim        b. Miss Gran        c. Miss Grio

5. Assignment:

Use these words to write your own sentence.

Green           greet            Grin           

grass           grain           grill

For a video tutorial about the proper use of words that start with gr watch it here.

This lesson is a followed up of our previous tutorial about consonant blends fr words as in frog.

If you have any questions or suggestions about words that start with gr sounds, please leave a comment below.

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