Words That Start With tr as it sounds in train

Words That Start With tr as it sounds in train

This English tutorial for beginners is about how to read Words that start with tr as in train the best way 2021. This was created as a Full Guide in Learning to Read Phonetically. Learning 4 letters words that begins in tr is made easy through this article.

This English Tutorial 2021 was created to help learners to read words that starts with tr sounds efficiently.

To start with, here is what you need to know.


  1. Read rhymes having words with tr as it sounds in train
  2. Answer question about the selection read

Lesson Title: tr words as it sounds in train

Materials: tray, sketch of trail, pictures, flashcards

Value: Following safety rules

Learning Experiences:

  • Opener: Tongue Twister- Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. (repeat several times)
  • Motivation:
  1. How many have gone on a trip? Where did you go?         
  2. How did you reach the place? What did you do there?
  • Presentation:

Here are some examples of 4-letter words that begin in tr:

Follow previous procedure in developing the consonant blend tr.

            Trace               tree                  trap

            Tray                 trop                  true

            Train                trim



Unlocking of difficulties

Here are best way on how to unlock the difficulties in reading or pronouncing the words that starts in tr.

  1. Objects : Use real objects, sketches, pictures, etc.. in developing the following vocabulary.

            Tray                             trim

            Trace                           train



  1. Phrases : Phrases are important for faster learning. Use the tr-sound words into phrases to understand it more. Here are the examples:
  • Trim the tree               
  • A fast train
  • Go on a trip               
  • food on a tray
  • Trace their trail           
  • a good trait
  1. Sentences : If phrases were not enough to emphasize the words that begins with tr, then use some sentences. Here are some examples:
  • Let’s go on a trip.                   
  • Put the food on a tray.
  • The train is coming.                
  • Please trim the tree.
  1. Rhymes : Rhymes could also be great for fast learning. You can use rhymes for more strategic type of learning and teaching on how to read 4 letter tr words.

            A                                                  B                                                 C.

Choo! Choo! Choo!                Tap! Tap! Tap!    Let’s go on a trip.

The train is coming.                 The rain is falling. Let’s trace their trail

The train is running.                The tree is swaying.                     and be there.

  1. Discussion : With the help of discussion between the learners and the teacher, reading the words that begins with tr gets more easier. You can initiate discussion by these examples:


            What is coming and running?

            What is the sound of the train?

            Did you ride on a train?

            Do you like to ride on a train?


            What is the sound of a train?

            Why is the tree swaying?

            Do you like rain? Why?


            Who do you think went on a trip?

            What did they do to find a place?

            Who among you had been lost on a trip?

            How do you feel? What did you do?

            What sound we remember when we go on a trip?

                        (discuss some safety rules)


Activity 1- Reciting the rhymes (teacher models)

Activity 2- Matching words with pictures

Activity 3- Let students read the rhymes and let them answer the questions.

                                    Put the food on a tray.

                                    Leave it near the tree.ee

                                    Let’s eat it at three.

  • Where is the food? Why do we put food on a tray?
  • What did they do with the food on a tray?
  • Is it okay to leave the food near the tree? Why? Why not?
  • Who will eat the food? When will they eat?

Activity 4- divide the class into 4 groups. Give each group a rhyme to recite with appropriate action. Let them present the rhyme after giving them ample time to practice.


Directions: Read the paragraph. Answer questions about the paragraph. Write only the letter of your answer.

                                                A Happy Trip

            We went on a trip. We rode on a train. We had food and drinks.

            We put the food on a tray. We ate under a tree.

1. Where did we go?

a. Trap             b. Trip              c. Tree

2. What did we have?

a. Food on a tray.                    b. Food on a trap.                    c. Food on a train

3. Where did we eat?

a. On the trees                         b. Up the tree                          c. Under the tree.

Watch here the video to hear and understand how to read the words that starts with tr properly.

This tutorial about Reading words that start with tr is a followed up lesson on words that starts with gr.

Prepared by: Ms. Hail

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