Words With e Sound As in Hen

In this English tutorial for beginners 2021 about Words with e sound as in hen was a Complete Guide on how to Recognize phonic words, phrases and sentences. These were presented with a vowel sound e as in hen and Answer who, what, where questions about a story read.

Practice exercises were provided for the learners to work on reading e sound words 2021 and master the skill.

Before we start, let us know the lesson.

Lesson # 04: Learning words with e sound as in hen.

  1. Materials: Word cards, phrases cards, sentence cards, pictures
  2. Value: Taking care of pets

Learning Activities:

a). Drill – initial consonant sounds- b, d, f, g, h, I, m, p, s, r

b). Opener – Song

c). Motivation:

  • Show pictures of a farm.
  • Ask: Do you live on the farm? If not, have you been there? What can you see in the farm? Let’s find out what words we will learn today can be seen on the farm.

d). Presentation

Reading by word families.

The teacher introduces the words- whole class, by groups, by rows, individual students. Repeat the same procedure with the other word families.

Word families that has e sound:

en               et               ed              eg

pen             pet             bed           beg

men            bet            red            leg

ten              let             led             peg

hen             set            fed

den             get

Unlocking the difficulties in reading words with e sound through pictures.

Pen    pen    den    peg    feeding the hen

  1. Phrases : Phrases are important for faster learning. Use the e-sound words into phrases to understand it more. Here are the examples:

fed the hen            red hen

ten men                set the pen

get the pet            led the men

  1. Sentence : If phrases were not enough to emphasize the words that begins with tr, then use some sentences. Here are some examples:                          
  • Nene fed the hen.                    
  • There are ten men.                 
  • The red hen is Ben’s pet.                                             
  • Get the pen in the den.           
  1. Ask : To make the discussion more lively, you can also put the e sounded words into questions to catch the attention of the students. Just like these examples:
  • Who feeds the chicken?
  • How many men are there?
  • What is the color of the hen?
  • Whose pet was it?
  • What will I get in the den?
  1. Paragraph : Paragraphs and short stories are also helpful in teaching the student words with e sound.

Present the story.

Henny penny is a hen, it is a red hen. It is a pet of Ted.
  1. Comprehension Question
  • Who is Henny Penny?
  • What is its color?
  • Do you have a pet hen, too?
  • How do you take care of it?


Activity 1-Flashcard drill on words learned.

Activity 2- Underline the name of the picture in the box.

words with e sound

Activity 3-Underline the word which is the same as the word on the box.         

Activity 3 Words with e sound

Activity 4- Encircle the sentence that tells about the picture.

Activity 5- Show the picture and tell its story.

“Henny Penny is a hen. It is a red hen. It is a pet of Ted.”

Evaluation (Oral)

Directions: Read the story written on the whiteboard.

Watch the video here about the complete guide on how to read properly using words with e sound.


This tutorial about words with e sound is just a continuation of our previous lesson on Words that starts with gr.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic on how to read words with e sound, please leave a comment below.

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