Poem About Pandemic: And One Day

Poem About Pandemic – The poem “And One Day” is an example of a poem about the Covid 19 pandemic presented in this article. These examples of pandemic poems will show you what individuals, particularly children, go through during the lockdown and how the epidemic has changed and affected many lives.

Poems About Pandemic - And One Day
Poems About Pandemic – And One Day

The Poems about Pandemic show the experience of people in times of trials. There’s a sad and happy experience of people that could give us a lesson and inspiration. Through this compilation of poems about pandemic, let us all be inspired and God will give us strength to overcome all these sufferings and struggles brought by the covid19 pandemic.

Poem About Pandemic: And One Day

Here is the Poem About Pandemic titled “And One Day”

And One Day

Transcending every sphere of society
Blocking quiet and self-reflection
Making lists only to check the box
An unexamined life emerges

“I’ve been so busy”
Words used to greet friends
Followed by a litany of all that gets packed into hectic schedules
Project to project
Appointment to appointment
Scurrying from one seemingly important commitment to another

And one day
Schools turn virtual
Offices go remote
Restaurants offer curb-side service
Busyness subsides ~ solitude, a friend from long ago, returns

The virus circulates
Masks become the new fashion accessory
Social distancing replaces handshakes and hugs

And one day
An unexamined life emerges

Judy Jenkins


The poem about pandemic “And One Day” tells the story of the author’s experience during this pandemic. Everyone is busy and there is barely no time to check on friends. Then the virus came. Every interaction turned virtually. Visiting friends and loved ones face to face are almost impossible to do. Masks became a necessity and now the situation is more difficult than before.


The lesson that the poem about pandemic called And One Day is trying to convey is to not take time for granted. Although we can be busy and forget to spend time with our friends and loved ones, we must always spend check on them or to say hi. We can never predict what will happen to our lives tomorrow. Therefore, spend time wisely and always check on your loved ones to see if they are ok during this pandemic.


So that is the poem about pandemic called “And One Day”. For more Poems about pandemic in the Philippines, you may visit this article Tula Tungkol Sa Pandemya – 10 Halimbawa Ng Tula Sa Pandemya 2021

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