Adjective for Kids | Quiz

Adjective for Kids | Quiz

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This is a follow on the previous lesson on “adjective for kids”. Its an easy quiz for kids to test their understanding about “adjectives”.

A. Complete the sentences with the given adjectives inside the box below.

1. Jenny has a ______________face.

2. My mum has ______________ black hair.

3. My teacher is ______________.

4. My father is ______________.

5.  Carl’s house is very ______________.

6. He is ______________. He never sees a doctor.

7. We are ______________ students. We do our homework every day.

B. Write sentences.  Put the words in the correct order.

Example: uncle / My / is / tall. = My uncle is tall.

1. long / centipede / is / The /. /


2. is / My clever / dog /. /


3. beautiful / wears /friend/ blouse /My/ a /. /


4. has / She / job / hard / a /. /


5. My / empty / is / handbag /. /


C. Answers:


1. Jenny has a round face.

2. My mum has long black hair.

3. My teacher is kind.

4. My father is smart.

5.  Carl’s house is very big.

6. He is healthy. He never sees a doctor.

7. We are ______________ students. We do our homework every day


1. The centipede is long.

2. My dog is clever.

3. My friend wears a beautiful blouse.

4. She has a hard job.

5. My handbag is empty.

So, that’s the end of this adjective quiz for kids, I hope this has helped you, and if you enjoy this video please share, like and let me know your thoughts and questions. Love to hear from you.

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