Articles a an the Exercises For Grade 8

Articles a an the exercises – In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn the articles a an and the rules, examples and exercises in English for Grade 8. a an and the are a specific kind of adjective that come before nouns or words that function similarly to nouns.

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Articles a an the Exercises For Grade 8
Articles a an the Exercises For Grade 8

Articles a an the Rules

Before we do the article exercises, let’s go over the rules for a, an, and the. To obtain, carefully read and comprehend these rules.

a, an are indefinite article

1. We use “an” before singular countable nouns which is mentioned for the first time.

            Once there was a king.

            A knife is on the table.

2. Use “a”, “an” before singular nouns which generally said and not specific.

            A dog is an animal.

            A house has a roof.

            A cat can catch a mouse.

            A cow has two horns.

            A palm tree is generally very tall.

He is a teacher.

She is a good girl.

He became a great man.

3. Use “a”, “an” to show that there is one thing

            a dozen, a hundred

six baht a meter

three times a day

sixty miles an hour

the is a definite article

“the “is called a definite article. It can be used before any noun. We use the in the following cases.

1. Use “the” to refer to a word that has already mentioned, for example:

            Once there was a king.

            The king has seven daughters.

2. Use “the” before a noun that has only one thing

            the world, the sun, the moon, the North Pole

3. Use “the” before a specific noun, because there are other words as well.

            the place where I met him

            the books that I bought

            I want the book in your hand

4. Use the before a noun that the speaker already knows.

            He is in the kitchen.

            Please pass the sugar

            Look, that is the man.

5. Use the before a noun when referring to a type of noun.

            The ant is industrious.

            The cow has four legs.

6. Use the before a noun with the strongest adjective. (Superlative degree)

            He is the biggest boy in class.

7. Use the before a noun with a sequence of words. For example:

            He is the first boy to go.

8. Use the that contains only or same.

            He is the only boy to go.

            He is the same man that you saw yesterday.

It is great that you are learning a lot in this lesson. Let us continue with some more rules to be fully prepared to answer the articles exercises.

Rules for Articles a an the in Nouns

Countless nouns and nouns do not need to use article.

Generally, not specific as;

Plural:             Children are usually naughty.

Vegetables contain many vitamins.

Cows are useful animals.

Uncountable: Air is necessary for life.

                        Coffee is popular in the world over.

                        Patience is necessary for a good teacher.

Articles Exercises for Grade 8

Direction: Some of the blank spaces below require articles. Others do not. Fill in the articles (a, an, the) where needed.

  1. He went to ______ Songkla yesterday.
  2. When you go to ______ Korat, be sure to visit ______ Prasat-HIn- Pinai.
  3. Bangkok city is ______ biggest city in ______ Thailand. New York city is _____- biggest city in ______ United States and in the world.
  4. ______ oil is found in eastern part of ______ Texas.
  5. Does he live on ______ Payatai Street near ______ Petburi Street?
  6. New York City is ______ state of ______ New York and at the mouth of Hudson River.
  7. Is_____- English more difficult than ______ French?
  8. Some of them say that ______English language is more difficult that ______ French language.
  9. ______ traffic on ______ Yaowarat street is very heavy nowadays.
  10. ______ Soviet Union is rich in ______ natural resources.
  11. On our trip to ______ South America, we plan to stop off at ______ Dominican Republic.
  12. ______ Rumania has ______oil fields but ______ oil is of rather poor quality.
  13. ______ rivers of ______ eastern part of ______ Union of Burma flow towards ______ Indian Ocean.
  14. ______ Pra- Wiharn Mountain is in ______ Panom Dongreg Ranges.
  15. ______ longest river in ______ Thailand is ______ Chao Praya.
  16. ______ Bangkok buses are very hot in ______summer.
  17. ______ climate of ______ northern Thailand is said to be better.
  18. ______ fire is useful in many ways.
  19. ______ fire which broke out yesterday started on ______ third floor.
  20. ______ drinking water often varies in taste according to locality; ______ drinking water in Bangkok is said to be quite good.

a, an vs some

Before we do the exercises for articles, here is another rule on how to use a, an and some in sentences. To obtain, carefully read and comprehend these rules.

a and an

When referring to a countable as having one thing we use a or an before a noun.

            He has a book.

            She has an orange.

Use “a” before singular nouns whose initial syllable is a consonant. (Some words are prefixed with a vowel, but pronounced as a consonant would use “a”     

            a book, a university

            a useful thing

            a European

            a one- eyed man

Use “an” before a noun with a vowel sound. (Some words are preceded by a consonant but don’t pronounce that consonant, then use “an”)

            an orange, an umbrella

            an hour, an honest man


Some is used with both countable and uncountable nouns:

            Uncountable: There is some water in the jar.

            Countable     : Some students in my school like volleyball.

Any is used in question and negative sentence.

            Affirmative   : There is some water in the jar.

            Negative       : There isn’t any water in the jar.

            Question       : Is there any water in the jar?

Articles a and an with some Exercise

Direction: Supply a, an or some.

  1. He is ______ student.
  2. He is ______ English teacher.
  3. He is studying in ______ famous university.
  4. Life in ______ university is interesting.
  5. Oxford is ______ old university.
  6. There is ______ orange in her hand.
  7. It is ______ yellow orange.
  8. That was ______ easy lesson.
  9. To be on time is ______ important thing.
  10. The cow ______ useful animal.
  11. A buffalo is ______ animal.
  12. ______ ant is ______ insect.
  13. ______ book is on the table.
  14. He needs ______ umbrella.
  15. She needs ______ needle.
  16. This soup needs ______ water.
  17. This curry needs______ salt.
  18. She puts______ sugar in her cup of coffee.
  19. Ladda doesn’t use ______soap in cleaning.
  20. Do you want ______ refreshment?

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Foreign Teacher

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