“Have got” and “Has got” Practice exercise

“Have got” and “Has got” Practice exercise

This is a practice exercise on how and when to use “have got” and “has got”.

The first exercise is “completing sentences” and the second exercise is “choosing the best answer”.

Complete the sentences with “have got” or “has got”.

1. I _____________ two brothers and two sisters.

2. My father_____________ a new car.

3. My sister _____________ a beautiful shirt.

4. We _____________ a big house.

5. Ann _____________ a round face.

6. John and Jim _____________ bicycles.

7. She _____________ a lot of flowers.

8. They _____________ new pens.

9. You and I _____________ new bags.

10. These people _____________ big cars. They are rich.

Choose the best answer.

1. I_____________ one brother and one sister.

a. have got                  b. has got                    c. got

2. We _____________ in a big house.

a. study                        b. live                c. swim

3. Jim_____________ a bicycle.

a. ride                          b. rides                         c. to ride

4. My mother has got a lot of _____________.

a. flower                      b. flowers                    c. a flower

5. Sue has got a round face. _____________ face is a round.

a. His                           b. Her                          c. My

6. Tom is my friend. _____________has got a big car.         a. She                          b. He                            c. It

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