Preposition “With” Quiz – English Grammar

Preposition “With” Quiz - English Grammar

Preposition “With” Quiz – English Grammar

In this lesson you are going to learn how to use prepositions correctly and test your understanding with this interactive grammar exercise.

A. Choose and circle the correct answer.

1. She writes on the blackboard with ___________________.

a. a piece of chalk            b. a pencil            c. a stick

2. Sharon went to the market with her___________________.

a. dog                                  b. mother            c. doll

3. Mr. Smith goes jogging in the park with his ___________________.

a. friend                              b. family               c. dog

4. I eat noodles with ___________________.

a. a pair of scissors         b. a pair of chopsticks     c. a pair of spectacles

5. The eagle is fighting with the ___________________.

a. lion                                 b. snake               c. bear

B. Answer these questions with the help of the word in the brackets as shown in the example.

Example: Whom do you go to school with? (my brother)

                I go to school with my brother.

1. Who is in the room with you? (Judy)


2. Who went jogging with you? (my friend)


3. What do you brush your teeth with? (a toothbrush)


4. What do you write with? (a pen)


5. Who went fishing with you? (David) ___________________________________________


A.                                                                            B.

1. a. a piece of chalk                                        1. I am in the room with Judy.

2. b. mother                                                       2. I went jogging with my friend.

3. c. dog                                                             3. I brush my teeth with a toothbrush.

4. b. a pair of chopsticks                                4. I write with a pen.

5. b. snake                                                        5. I went fishing with David.

So, there you go that’s the end of this lesson the second part is practice exercises all about Preposition “With” Quiz.

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