Parents by Christine Mulvihill – Poem Summary and Lesson [2022]

Parents by Christine Mulvihill – “Parents” by Christine Mulvihill is a poem about Christine’s parents in point of view. This poetic novel tells Christine Mulvihill’s story and excerpts from her epic 15-year-long poetic novel, Life is One Tough Pill to Swallow, about the brutality of life and the despair of one child’s battle with cancer. Christine’s father discovered her work after she died at the age of 17 from a secondary brain tumor. He hopes that by sharing her words, the world will gain a better understanding of some of the issues that childhood cancer survivors face and will be inspired to join the fight against cancer.

Parents are the best gift we ever had who molds and nurtures us through life. They have open arms that catch us whenever we fall and a shoulder to cry on. They are the greatest motivators that support us for whatever dream or path we are taking. Oftentimes, misunderstandings came up but it’s a simple thing that great parents can’t figure out through a good talk. Therefore, let us love our parents through this short poem about the parents that hold the memories of our past and the key to our future.

Parents by Christine Mulvihill - Poem Summary and Lesson [2022]
Parents by Christine Mulvihill – Poem Summary and Lesson [2022]

Kindly continue reading up to the end of this article for you to gain some inspiration from our writers. They brought their mind out just to give us beautiful and famous poems about hero parents’ love and sacrifice with lessons. Meanwhile, enjoy reading, and may these poems help you in life.

Parents by Christine Mulvihill – Poem Summary and Lesson

Here is the poem “Parents” by Christine Mulvihill.


“Parents are always there
Always letting you know they care
In the darkness they are the light,
They can make even the darkest days bright.

Earwigs, roaches and spiders, they’re not scared of any
For our happiness they’d trade every penny.
They scare away the monsters from beneath our bed,
‘I’ll love you forever’ they’ve often said.

They also nag and give us curfews
More and more responsibilities to review
‘No going on dates till your 16’
When you go out fill the car with gasoline

They always tell us to shoot for the stars,
Who knew love could be so hard?
No matter how much you hated them and thought they were wrong,
You still miss them when they are gone.

Parents will forever be our friends,
And love us unconditionally till the end.”

Poems about parents love for children by Christine Mulvihill

Summary of “Parents” by Christine Mulvihill

Christine Mulvihill’s poem “Parents” is a moving tribute to her parents. In the first stanza, she refers to her parents as her “light in the dark,” saying that they are always there for her when she needs them. In the second stanza, they demonstrate their ability to sacrifice anything for their children and defend them from anyone or anything.

Christine describes her parents as disciplinarians who try to instill in her the responsibilities of growing up, such as dating and car maintenance. Behind that, they always tell her to pursue her dreams and that she still loves them despite her belief that they were incorrect. She also misses them when they’re not around.

She concludes the poem by saying that our parents will always be our friends and will love us unconditionally.

Lesson of “Parents” by Christine Mulvihill

Christine Mulvihill’s poem “Parents” teaches us to appreciate our parents for their sacrifices and love for us. This poem is remarkable because it teaches us an important lesson from an author who has received so much love during her battle with cancer.


The poem entitled Parents by Christine Mulvihill – Poem Summary and Lesson [2022] is an example of short inspirational English poems about hero parents’ love and sacrifice. Additionally, this poem serves as an inspiration to love and cherish our precious parents as they value and nurture us too.

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