Magulo In English – Magulo Meaning In English

MAGULO IN ENGLISH – This article will show you the best Filipino/Tagalog translation of the Tagalog word Magulo. What is the meaning of the word magulo in English


What is the meaning of Magulo In Tagalog?

Ang magulo ay ang kabaliktaran ng maayos at nangangahulugang maingay at makalat.

Magulo Synonyms in Tagalog (Magulo Kasingkahulugan)

Here are some synonyms of Magulo in Tagalog

  • Makalat
  • Wala sa ayos
  • Marumi
  • Walang kaayusan

What is Magulo In English Translation?

Magulo Messy
Magulo Disorderly
Magulo Complicated
Magulo Complicate
Magulo Disorganized
Magulo Untidy
Magulo Cluttered
Magulo Unsystematic
Magulo Out of order
Magulo Disarranged
Magulo Chaotic
Magulo Complex
Tagalog to English Translation

The best English translation of the word Magulo in Dictionaries are messy, disorderly, complicated, complicate, dis-organized, untidy, cluttered, unsystematic, out of order, disarranged, chaotic, complex.

What is Magulo meaning in English?

Disorderly means untidy and disorganized.

Messy is a lack of order, neatness, and, in many cases, cleanliness.

Complicated is having a lot of different components or characteristics that are generally interconnected.

Magulo In English Translation Example Sentences

Namangha ako dahil kanina magulo ang paligd ngayon malinis na.I was amazed because the environment used to be chaotic and now it is clean.
Kailangan bang magulo pag nagluluto ang daming mong kalat.Does it have to be messy when cooking with a lot of clutter?
Bakit hindi mo manlang inayos ang bahay napaka-kalat alam mong may bisita ako.Why don’t you clean the house so messy you know I have a guest.
Minsan gusto ko nalang maging bata ulit dahil magulo ang buhay.Sometimes I just want to be a child again because life is really complicated.
Hindi ko maiwasan ang magalit pag uwi ko dahil magulo ang bahay.I can’t help but getting angry because when I come home the house is in disorderly.
Tagalog to English Translation Example Sentences

There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could translate into Magulo. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence; therefore, be mindful of what you write or say.

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