What is Indefinite Pronoun | Everything, Everywhere, Everyone, Everybody

What is Indefinite Pronoun | Everything, Everywhere, Everyone, Everybody

Pronouns with no specific familiar referent is called an indefinite pronoun. Definitive pronouns are the opposite of indefinite pronouns. Count and noncount nouns can both be represented by indefinite pronouns. That is the definition that explain the definite pronoun. To have more ideas about these indefinite pronouns, there are examples and sentences provided for you to learn.

What is Indefinite Pronoun and why you should study it?

Pronouns can perform all of the functions that a noun can. They can be the subjects or objects of a verb. Indefinite pronouns, unlike personal pronouns do not relate to a specific person or entity that has already been identified. They’re indeterminate words like “everything”, “everywhere”, “everyone”, and “everybody”.

These pronouns, whether plural or singular, are used to show unidentified objects or individuals. They can be used to denote the whole noun, some of it, or none of it. When we want to refer to a set of nouns without mentioning who or how much, we use them.

In this lesson, you will learn 4 examples of INDEFINITE PRONOUNS:

  • everything
  • everywhere
  • everyone
  • everybody

You will learn the meaning, use and grammar rules for each use.
You will also learn the difference of “everyone” and “every one”

A very quick revision on pronouns.
Pronouns are words that replace nouns in a sentence.

There are two types of pronouns:

everything          = All of the things. The total number of things.
everywhere        = All of the places. The total number of places.
everyone / everybody   = All of the people. The total number of people.

  • “everyone” and “everybody” have the same meaning.
  • “everyone” is slightly more formal and more common in writing.

Notice: the spelling of all the words. Each word is all one word. Not two words.

Important grammar rule of Indefinite Pronoun:

The meaning is plural but in terms of grammar, each word is singular. Therefore, we use the singular form of verbs with these words.

Everything          = All of the things.
Everywhere       = All of the places.
everyone / everybody   = All of the people.

Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences:

indefinite pronoun examples in sentences
Indefinite Pronouns Examples in sentences

Let’s look at some sentences examples and uses of these Indefinite Pronouns.
Everything            = all of the things
  = the total number of things

  • I tried to take down notes everything she said.
  • My father gives me everything I asked for.
  • Everything is ready.

Everywhere:            = all of the places
            = the total number of places

Indefinite Pronoun More Examples in Sentences
Indefinite Pronouns More Examples in Sentences

everyone / everybody:             = all of the people
            = total number of people

Everyone in the school is happy preparing the program.
I told everyone that I’m going to move out my place.

Advanced rule for “everyone” / “everybody”

When we refer back to “everyone” or “everybody” with a possessive, the problem is that we don’t know if all of the people are male or female. We have 2 choices of solutions to this problem.

Solution 1 – We use a singular and say “his or her”.
Everyone has a key for his or her closet in the dorm.

Solution 2 – We use a plural and say “their”
Everybody has a key for their closet in the dorm.

Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in Sentences with explanation:

The “everyone” compared to “every one”

“everyone” is an indefinite pronoun.
“everyone” refers only to people. It means “all the people”.

  • “every one” (two separate words)
  • “every” is a determiner modifying the pronoun “one”.
  • The pronoun “one” is referring to a thing or person.

There you go guys, that’s the end of this lesson. I hope everyone has understood everything. There were many examples of this video. I hope that every one of them was  clear.

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