The Lark And Her Young Ones Story Moral Lesson And Summary

The Lark And Her Young Ones – This article will tell you the story of the lark and her young ones on Aesop’s fables summary and a moral lesson in English. What is the lark in the fable making use of their time? Also, what is the moral lesson of the story?

Here, we give you an inspiring moral story for kids. This would be one of the best moral stories for kids as they love animals. Most stories for children like this serve as a foundation for learning and ethical lessons.

Fables, like this one, are typical stories about animals that convey moral lessons for you and your kids. We have therefore prepared a variety of fable stories that you can read and share with your loved ones.

Stories for kids like this are best designed to engage learners in reading. This exhibits the morality of animals as it illustrates the ways of animals. You may now explore the beautiful fable story by Aesop.


The Lark & Her Young Ones Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
The Lark & Her Young Ones Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Who is Aesop?

Before exactly reading the story, let us know a little about the author first.

Aesop is a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with several fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

Now, enjoy reading Aesop’s story with understanding and an open mind.

The Lark And Her Young Ones

A Lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. As the days passed, the wheat stalks grew tall and the young birds, too, grew in strength. Then one day, when the ripe golden grain waved in the breeze, the Farmer and his son came into the field.

“This wheat is now ready for reaping,” said the Farmer. “We must call in our neighbors and friends to help us harvest it.”

A couple of young Larks were very afraid, because they knew that if they didn’t leave their nest in time, they’d be in big trouble. When their mother lark returned with food, they told her what they had heard.

“Do not be frightened, children,” said Mother Lark. “If the Farmer said he would call in his neighbors and friends to help him do his work, this -wheat will not be reaped for a while yet.”

A few days later, the wheat was so ripe, that when the wind shook the stalks, a hail of wheat grains came rustling down on the young Larks’ heads.

“If this wheat is not harvested at once,” said the Farmer, “we shall lose half the crop. We cannot depend on any one else and wait any longer for help from our friends. Tomorrow we must set to work, ourselves.”

When the young Larks told their mother what they had heard that day, she said:

“Then we have to leave right away. It is safe to say that when a man decides to do his own work and not get help from anyone else, there will be no more delays.”

When the Farmer and his son cut down the grain the next morning, they found an empty nest.

The fable, “The Lark And Her Young Ones,” is from

Story Analysis of The Lark And Her Young Ones

What is the title of the story?The title of the story is “The Lark And Her Young Ones“.
Who are the characters of the story?The characters of the story are the lark family, the farmer, and his son.
What is the theme of the story?The theme of the story is self-help.
What is the setting of the story?The setting of the story is some days at the field of wheat.
What is the moral of the story?The moral of the story is self-help is the best help.
Who is the author of the story?The author of the story is Aesop.
Story Analysis

The Lark And Her Young Ones Moral Lesson

  • Self-help is the best help.
  • To make sure that your business is done right, you must either do it yourself or watch it happen.
  • Many good servants are ruined by a careless boss.
  • There are three steps: do what’s required, then do what’s possible, and then, in a split second, do the impossible.

The Lark And Her Young Ones Summary

A Lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. One day, the Farmer and his son came into the field to harvest the wheat. The young Larks knew they would be in great danger if they did not leave the nest before the reapers came.

What is the Solution of the Story “The Lark And Her Young Ones“?

Later in the story, lark made their nest in the wheat until its time to harvest. Young larks were told to listen carefully to every farmer’s word, first he asked for some help to harvest the wheat which means larks could be able to stay which there was possibly a delay, second the farmer will harvest itself so they leave immediately because…

Certainly, there’s no daily when a man said he will help himself and not ask for some help.

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