140+ Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

Aesop’s Fables are among the most interesting examples of animal stories for kids with moral lessons and a summary. This is a list or collection of fables credited to Aesop. May you enjoy our ultimate list of famous Aesop’s fable examples with morals and summary.

140+ Best Aesop's Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary
140+ Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

Before we proceed with our list of Aesop’s fable examples, let us first discuss what a fable’s meaning is.

What is a Fable?

A fable is a short story, usually about animals, that tells a moral.

At the end, the moral, or a lesson for how to act, is often stated.

Additionally, according to britannica.com it is a narrative form, usually featuring animals that behave and speak like human beings, told in order to highlight human follies and weaknesses. 

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
1The Ant And The GrasshopperThere’s a time for work and a time for play.A Grasshopper played while an Ant put food away for the winter. When winter came, the Ant was happy; the Grasshopper was not so.
2The Lion And The MouseA kindness is never wasted.A Mouse freed a Lion from a net. The Mouse had been bothering the Lion before, but now he has freed the Lion. They became close.
3The Hare And The TortoiseThe race is not always to the swift.The tortoise challenges the rabbit to a race. The hare passes the tortoise and sleeps half way. Upon awakening, he realizes his rival has arrived first.
4The Fox And The CrowThe flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him.A crow discovers some cheese and eats it on a branch. The fox sees this and decides he wants the cheese. He approaches the crow, compliments him on his looks and voice. The crow is pleased and opens his beak to sing and the fox eats the cheese from his beak.
5The Frog And The OxBrag is not always belief.A huge ox grazed in a field. An envious old frog gaped at him. She yelled at her kids to see the abomination. And see, she continues, if I don’t become bigger. So she strained, swelled, and exploded.
6Belling The CatThink before you speak.The mice met in council to figure out how to defeat the Cat. One suggested a bell for the Cat to warn them. Problem: Nobody would volunteer to bell the Cat.
7The Town Mouse And The Country MouseDo not live a life with endless sense pleasures but with grave dangers.A Town Mouse visits its cousin and dislikes his way of life. They both go to the city and are confronted by risky scenarios despite eating properly. The Country Mouse prefers the peaceful, rural life.
8The Fox And The GrapesYou often hate what you can’t have.A fox sees a clump of grapes hanging from a tree and decides to eat them to quench his thirst. He tries to jump and retrieve the grapes, but they are out of reach. Eventually, it determines that the grapes must be sour and walks away.
9The Wolf And The CraneYou should help only who deserves it.A Wolf devoured his prey so ravenously that a bone stuck in his throat, giving him great pain. He ran howling up and down and offered to reward handsomely anyone who would pull it out. A Crane, moved by pity as well as by the prospect of the money, undertook the dangerous task.
10The Gnat And The BullWe are often of greater importance in our own eyes than in the eyes of our neighbor. A Gnat settled on a Bull. Before he left he asked the Bull if he could go. He did not care as he had not even noticed the Gnat had some.
11The Ant And The DoveIf you do good, good will come to you.A Dove was going to capture an Ant when the Ant stung the bird catcher, who then shrieked in pain. The Ant struggled in vain to reach the bank, and in pity, the Dove dropped a blade of straw to save it from drowning.
12The Dog And His ReflectionIt is very foolish to be greedy.A dog carrying food crossed a bridge and sees its reflection. Wanting the reflection’s food the dog drops his. Ooops.
13The Mother And The WolfDo not trust every beautiful word that comes from a liar’s mouth.A Wolf overheard a mother telling a child if the child wasn’t quiet she would feed him to the wolves. Expecting supper, all the Wolf got was a disappointment.
14The Eagle And The BeetleEven the weakest may find means to avenge a wrong.The Beetle and the Eagle battled for nests. She ate the Beetle’s young first. To accompany the Eagle to Jupiter, the Beetle stole the Eagle’s eggs and rolled them out. Jupiter urged the eagle to establish a nest in his lap. It flew about Jupiter as he held the eggs. As Jupiter hurled down and smashed the eggs, unaware,
15The Frog And The MouseWe must not try to harm others because, in the end, karma will be our destination.Frog and Mouse lived across a stream. Mouse agreed to be taken across to visit Frog. Frog gets greedy and dives; Mouse screams. A Hawk hears and takes both.
16The Fox And The LeopardA fine coat is not always an indication of an attractive mind.There was a leopard boasting about his patches. It was only after this that the fox appeared, boasting about the beauty of his mind. Both of the liars lost.
17The Fox And The GoatLook before you leap.A Goat and Fox went into a deep well to drink. Neither could get out alone. The Goat was talked into helping the Fox who then left the Goat on his own.
18The Stag And His ReflectionWe often make much of the ornamental and despise the useful.Innocently, a naïve young stag thinks, “My horns are quite lovely, but my legs are too small and slender.” A Panther approached him, ready to attack him. However, as he entered the woods, his horns became intertwined. Stag caught in leaf mesh, easy prey for Panther.
19The Fox And The StorkDo not play tricks on your neighbors unless you can stand the same treatment yourself.A fox and stork trade suppers in dishes the other has a hard time using.
20The HeronDo not be too hard to suit or you may have to be content with the worst or with nothing at all.A Heron was so picky when it was fishing by a stream that it almost didn’t eat. Fish kept coming up, but the Heron had to settle for a snail.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
21The Wild Boar And The FoxPreparedness for war is the best guarantee of peace.A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks. A Fox asked why. The Boar said that it would be foolish to not be ready and have to sharpen them when needed.
22The Cock And The FoxSweet talk doesn’t always work.The farmer’s hen house trapped a fox. He was hungry and looking for a steal. The cock approached him. The Fox mentioned an alibi. Not so for the Cock. Mr. Fox died when the farmer returned.
23The Wolf In Sheep’s ClothingThe evil-doer often comes to harm through his own deceit.A Wolf found a Sheep’s pelt and wore it to blend in with the flock. Worked for a while until the Shepherd noticed. No more Wolf!
24The Two GoatsIt is better to yield than to come to misfortune through stubbornness.Two goats struggle to cross a river on a shaky bridge. The goats are at opposite ends of the bridge, unwilling to share. They dispute about who should cross first at the bridge’s center. The bridge falls way, dumping both goats into the river.
25The Crow And The PitcherDon’t give up at the first sign of failure. In fact, never give up!A thirsty crow wanted water from a pitcher. He filled it with pebbles to raise the water level to drink. Clever!
26The Oak And The ReedsIt is better to bend than break.The wind uprooted and tossed a big oak across a brook. “I marvel how you, who are so light and fragile, are not utterly crushed by these high winds,” it said to some Reeds. “You battle and contend with the wind, and therefore are destroyed; while we bend before the slightest breath of air, and thus remain unbroken and escape.”
27The Owl And The GrasshopperFlattery is not a proof of true admiration.A Grasshopper bothered an Owl trying to sleep. The more the Owl complained the louder the Grasshopper became. Owl solved the problem; Grasshopper is eaten.
28The Plane TreeOur best blessings are often the least appreciated.Two travelers were walking in the sun and stopped. Those who have rested say the tree was fruitless. The angry tree exclaimed, “You lie in my cool shade and call me useless! Men receive favors ungratefully, O Jupiter!”
29The Man And The SatyrThe man who talks for both sides is not to be trusted by either.A Satyr is perplexed by a man who blows both heat and cool. He refused to deal with him, thinking he was double-dealing.
30The Hare And His EarsYour enemies will seize any excuse to attack you.A hurt Lion banned all horned animals from his kingdom. A Hare saw that his ears looked like horns in his shadow and decided to leave, ending a long-term friendship.
31The Fisherman And The Little FishA small gain is worth more than a large promise.Fisherman refuses to release a caught fish despite pleadings from the fish, who fears he will not catch another.
32The Wolf And The KidDo not let anything turn you from your purpose.A Kid who was about to be wolfed asked for music so he could dance. The Wolf did as he was told. The dogs heard the music and came to chase the wolf.
33The Tortoise And The DucksFoolish curiosity and vanity often lead to misfortune.Because he couldn’t leave home for a long time, the tortoise concluded he wanted to travel the world. To explore the full area, he encountered a couple of ducks and told them about his problem. This made the turtle happy, but a raven said that the tortoise was the king of tortoises. And as he opened his mouth to respond, he carelessly lost his grip on the stick and fell to the ground in pieces.
34The Young Crab And His MotherDo not tell others how to act unless you can set a good example.The Mother asks the young crab to walk straight forward because he walks sideways. But, he couldn’t walk straight, so he asked his mother to show him the way, but she also couldn’t walk straight.
35The Dog, The Cock, And The FoxThose who attempt to deceive should expect to be compensated in their own currency.A Dog and a cock want to explore the world, so they both head out into the woods. In the morning, the Cock cockles like he usually does on the farm. When the Cock heard him, he went to deceive him. But as soon as the Fox entered the hole in the tree, the Dog had him.
36The Eagle And The JackdawDo not let your vanity make you overestimate your powers.A Jackdaw saw an Eagle carry off a sheep and tried the same trick. The Jackdaw could not do it and got entangled in the rams fleece. Ouch. But, the shepherd saw the Jackdaw and immediately get and take it to his children to play.
37The Boy And The FilbertsDo not attempt too much at once.A Boy grasped as many filberts in a pitcher as he could hold. His hand became stuck. His mother pointed out that he should not be so greedy to get his hand out so he could have some later.
38Hercules And The WagonerSelf help is the best help.A stuck wagoner prays to Hercules for help but receives a lesson.
39The Kid And The WolfTime and place often give the advantage to the weak over the strong.A Kid was on top of a house and yelled at a Wolf who was below. As long as he was on the roof, the Kid could only do that. His bad language doesn’t come from him. It comes from where he lives, which is why he sees it.
40The Bundle Of SticksIn unity is strength.Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken. The same applies to people.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
41The Ass And His DriverThose who refuse to listen to reason and insist on going their own way against the advice of those who are wiser than them are headed for disaster.It looked like an Ass was going to fall off the road. Because he couldn’t stop the Ass, the Driver let it fall. Too sad for the Ass about this.
42The Oxen And The WheelsThey are the ones who complain the most because they are the ones who suffer the least.The groaning of the wheels upset the oxen dragging a wagon. Without witnessing the wagon’s hefty load, the oxen blamed the wheels for groaning.
43The Shepherd Boy And The WolfLiars are not believed even when they speak the truth.A Shepherd Boy tending sheep in the dark forest found his life to be extremely lonely. To amuse himself, he called the Villagers and shouted for help twice against a wolf. The Villagers hurriedly ran to the forest and found nothing. Finally, on his third try, as he saw a real wolf, he called the villagers, but they did not believe him at all. The wolf killed all the sheep and slipped away. 
44The Farmer And The StorkYou are judged by the company you keep.A farmer established nets to capture Cranes that consumed the seeds. A Stork was present among the Cranes. The Stork makes a desperate plea for his survival. The Farmer stated that he receives the same penalty.
45The Sheep And The PigIt is easy to be brave when there is no danger.A Pig shared a home with a Sheep. The Shepherd grabbed the Pig, but he resisted. The Sheep were irritated by the noise. However, the Pig stated that his life was in danger.
46The Traveler And The PurseWe can’t expect anyone to share our bad luck unless we’re willing to share our good luck, too.Two men are traveling together. One of the men found a full purse. The man wants half of the find while the other doesn’t. Until a mob yelled thief. That he merely found the purse was swiftly withdrawn. But the other man disagreed.
47The Lion And The AssDo not be offended by the words of a fool. They don’t matter.A Lion was mocked by an Ass, who opted to ignore him and left him alone.
48The Frogs Who Wished For A KingBe sure you can better your condition before you seek to change.Frogs asked for a king, but they got a log. They prayed again, and this time they got a crane who started to eat them up.
49The PeacockDo not sacrifice your freedom for the sake of pomp and show.The Peacock had ugly feathers at first, but Juno granted him a beautiful train of feathers to set him apart from the other birds. The Peacock then saw a familiar eagle flying. His magnificent train weighed him down as he tried to rise. That made him more oppressed than any other bird.
50The Wolf And The LionWhat is evil won is evil lost.A Wolf had stolen a lamb and brought it to his lair to eat. A Lion without making excuses, took the lamb away. The Lion was then confronted by the Wolf, who accused him of stealing his property. But the Lion asked him if he bought it or if it was given to him.
51The Travelers And The SeaDo not let your hopes carry you away from reality.Seaside Travelers waited by the shore for a boat they saw in the distance to land. When it did they saw it was only a load of wood. Disappointment!
52The Hares And The FrogsHowever unfortunate we may think we are there is always someone worse off than ourselves.Hares were tired of being afraid. They went to drown themselves when they scared some frogs. Fear no more.
53The Wolf And The SheepA knave’s hypocrisy is easily seen through.A Wolf hurt in a fight with a Bear was unable to move, and was thirsty and hungry. A Sheep passed by and the Wolf begged him for some water to drink to give him strength to get some solid food. But the Sheep refused, for he thought that he might become solid food.
54The Wolf And The LambThe tyrant can always find an excuse for his tyranny.Tyrants need no excuse. A Wolf catches a Lamb by a river and argues to justify killing it. Doesn’t matter as the Wolf needs no excuse.
55The Lion, The Bear, And The FoxThose who have all the toil do not always get the profit.A Lion battled a Bear for a killed kid. When both were too tired to move a Fox came and made off with the prey. Too bad; should have shared.
56The Birds, The Beasts, And The BatThe deceitful have no friends.A Bat could not choose sides in a potential war. When peace came, neither side would accept him.
57The Ass, The Fox, And The LionTraitors may expect treachery.An Ass and a Fox had become close comrades. One day, they met a Lion. As the Ass was frightened, the calm Fox told the Lion a fine scheme so that he wouldn’t eat him. So the Fox told the Ass to go to the deep pit for safety. When he realized the Ass was his, he assassinated the traitor Fox.
58The Ass And The Load Of SaltThe same measures will not suit all circumstances.A Salt Merchant loaded an Ass who slipped in water. Load lightened, second time the Ass fell on purpose. Third time Merchant loaded sponges. Water is heavy.
59A Swan And A RavenStay true to who you are and love yourself.A Raven desired a Swan’s white feathers. He thought the color was due to the water so he went to live in the lake. Not water, and going hungry, he perished.
60The Monkey And The CamelDo not try to ape your betters.Camel saw how well the Monkey’s performance was received that Camel decided to get up and copy it. Silly Camel did so poorly he was dragged into the desert and later was served as a snack.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
61The Cock And The JewelPrecious things are without value to those who cannot prize them.Cock (Rooster) looks for food but finds a jewel and throws it aside as unwanted.
62The Leap At RhodesDeeds count, not boasting words.A man who visited foreign lands boasted a lot of fun when he returned home. He told them about the leap he made in a a city called Rhodes. But someone calls it boasting.
63The Lion And The GnatPride over a success should not throw us off our guard.A Gnat boasted he beat a Lion by stinging his face while the Lion tore his skin trying to get at the Gnat. Later the Gnat got caught in a web and was eaten.
64The Ass Carrying The ImageDo not try to take the credit to yourself that is due to others.An Ass carrying a sacred Image through town thought all the bowing was for him instead of the Image. His Master set him straight with a well placed whip.
65The Boys And The FrogsAlways stop to think whether your fun may not be the cause of another’s unhappiness.Boys playing by a pond began to throw rocks at frogs, killing several. They cried out that they should stop because what the boys saw as sport was death for them.
66The Rat And The ElephantA resemblance to the great in some things does not make us great.A Rat was full of itself on the King’s Highway. He chided an Elephant and the King as being inferior. The Royal Cat spied him and no more boasting.
67The Wolf And His ShadowDo not let your fancy make you forget realities.A Wolf thought himself special because his shadow got longer as the sun set. As the Wolf watched his shadow a Lion pounced on him. Too self absorbed!
68The Mice And The WeaselsGreatness has its penalties.Mice and Weasels were fighting. The Mice picked their bravest to lead and made them generals. Mice fled when Weasels came but generals could not. Too bad.
69The Wolf And The Lean DogDo not depend on the promises of those whose interest it is to deceive you.A Wolf found a lean Dog. The Wolf captured the dog, but the dog talked the wolf out of eating him, saying he’d be fatter after a wedding and would give up then. Didn’t!
70The Fox And The LionAcquaintance with evil blinds us to its dangers.A fox learns how to be comfortable around a lion. Other fables say to take care.
71The Dog And His Master’s DinnerDo not stop to argue with temptation.A Dog carried master’s supper. Other dogs wanted some and one day Dog stopped to argue. Mistake, but Dog did get away with largest piece.
72The Vain Jackdaw And His Barrowed FeathersBorrowed feathers do not make fine birds.A fine bird is more than fine feathers. A Jackdaw tried to make itself look pretty using peacock feathers. It had to flee when found out. What a rout.
73The Monkey And The DolphinOne falsehood leads to another.Dolphin saved a Monkey from drowning and gave him a ride to Athens. Dolphin questioned Monkey about Athens and was lied to. Monkey got drowned after all.
74The Wolf And The AssStick to your trade.An Ass pretended to be lame when he saw a Wolf coming. Wolf asked the problem and he said he had a thorn. The Wolf agreed to remove it; got kicked trying.
75The Monkey And The CatThe flatterer seeks some benefit at your expense.A Cat and a Monkey shared a home as pets. They needed food, no matter how they got it. They sat by the fire and watched a chestnut cook. The monkey fluttered the Cat, sketching his paws. The Monkey ate his chestnut. After then, the master appeared and scampered them away with the Cat.
76The Dogs And The FoxIt is easy and also contemptible to kick a man that is down.Fox found Dogs tearing apart a lion skin. Fox told them they would have a problem if the Lion were still in the skin.
77The Dogs And The HidesDo not try to do impossible things.Hungry Dogs saw hides in the river. They decided to drink up the river to get to the hides. Silly Dogs; they burst trying.
78The Rabbit, The Weasel, And The CatThe strong are apt to settle questions to their own advantage.A Weasel went into a Rabbit’s home while gone. The Rabbit complained and a Cat said it would judge. They came close and the Cat pounced. The Cat won.
79The Bear And The BeesDo not steal as stealing is bad.The weakest united may be strong to avenge. A bear seeking honey overlooks the fact that many bees united can make even the largest uncomfortable.
80The Dog In The MangerDo not grudge others what you cannot enjoy yourself.People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves. A dog sleeping on hay would not let other animals eat from the hay.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
81The Wolf And The GoatAn invitation prompted by selfishness is not to be accepted.A Wolf called to a Goat feeding to come to the meadow where there was better food. The Goat saw through the ruse. Smart Goat!
82The Ass And The GrasshoppersThe laws of nature are unchangeable.An Ass liked the melody of a Grasshopper. The Ass asked about food thinking it gave the song. Dew was the answer. Ass ate nothing but and died of hunger.
83The MuleBe sure of your pedigree before you boast of it.Mules are bragging that their ancestors were horses. When put into harness, it felt down-hearted and said he was mistaken.
84The Cat, The Cock, And The Young MouseDo not trust alone to outward appearances.A young Mouse described his first trip out. He thought a Cat friendly and a Cock to be a frightening monster. His mother quickly set him straight.
85The Wolf And The ShepherdOnce a wolf, always a wolf.A Wolf stayed with a flock of sheep until the Shepherd started to ignore him. With that opportunity the Wolf struck and had his meal.
86The Peacock And The CraneThe useful is of much more importance and value, than the ornamental.A Peacock was strutting before a Crane saying how beautiful he was. The Crane pointed out that it could fly with its feathers instead of just strutting around.
87The Farmer And The CranesThe useful is of much more importance and value, than the ornamental.Cranes invaded a Farmer’s field. He could drive them off with an empty sling for awhile but later had to use rocks. That’s when they learned and left.
88The Ass And The Lap DogBehavior that is regarded as agreeable in one is very rude and impertinent in another.When an Ass sees a lap Dog being fawned over, he decides to do the same. After a short while, the Ass realize it is a poor idea.
89The Man And The LionIt all depends on the point of view, and who tells the story.A Lion and a Man were walking through a forest when they saw a statue of Heracles in the act of tearing the jaws of the Nemean Lion. The Man said, “That’s how strong we are!” The King of Beasts is like wax in our hands! But the lion exclaimed that it would have been a different story if a Lion made it.
90The Old Lion And The FoxTake warning from the misfortunes of others.An old Lion pretended that he was ill and ate his neighbors one by one when they came to offer him their sympathy. The Fox visited him and asked wisely, from a safe distance, how his visitors found their way out of the Lion’s cave.
91The Bull And The GoatIt is wicked to take advantage of another’s distress.A Bull chased by a Lion tried to hide in a cave but was rebuffed by a Goat already there. The Bull told the Goat that he was lucky that there was a Lion!
92The Serpent And The EagleAn act of kindness is well repaid.A Serpent had the best of an Eagle but when a man freed the Eagle. The Serpent put venom into the man’s water, but the Eagle knocked it out of his hand. The Man lived.
93The Fox And The CrabBe content with your lot.A Crab left the seashore to feed in a meadow. A hungry Fox ate him up. The Crab probably should not have left the shore!
94Mercury And The WoodmanHonesty is the best policy.A woodman lost an axe. Mercury recovered a gold and silver axe that the workman refused. Mercury then recovered the real axe and gave him the others.
95Three Bullocks And A LionIn unity is strength.A Lion wanted to dine on some bulls, but they grouped together when he advanced. One day, the bulls went to different fields and were eaten one by one.
96The AstrologerTake care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.An Astrologer who believed he could read the future in the stars fell into a hole full of mud and water. The villagers pulled him out, and told him to pay more attention to what is right in front of his feet.
97The Dog And The OysterAct in haste and repent at leisure—and often in pain.The Dog ate an Oyster thinking it was an egg. He suffered greatly in his stomach due to this rash action. Dog should have thought before acting.
98The Cat And The BirdsBe wise and shun the quack.The Cat played the part of a doctor and called on ailing birds. The Cat asked how they were, and the birds answered that they would be better off without the Cat.
99The Spendthrift And The SwallowOne swallow does not make a summer.A man saw a Swallow early in the season and sold his coat. The weather turned cold again, and the man bemoaned that it would kill him and the Swallow.
100The Goatherd And The Wild GoatsIt is unwise to treat old friends badly for the sake of new ones.A goatherd put his Goats with wild Goats and prized the wild ones, so he fed them better than he hoped they would stay. They did not and his Goats suffered.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
101The Sick StagGood will is worth nothing unless it is accompanied by good acts.Visitors to a sick Stag each ate some of his food. The Stag died of hunger not illness.
102The Farmer And The SnakeSome people’s natures never change no matter how well we treat them.A farmer takes pity on a frozen snake and brings it home. When thawed, the snake reverts to character and bites him.
103The Mouse And The WeaselGluttony is a sin.A Weasel watched a Mouse go into the corn storage through a small hole. The Mouse ate so much that he could not get back out without dieting. Weasel was amused.
104The Fighting Bulls And The FrogWhen the great fall out, the weak must suffer for it.A frog saw two bulls fighting but wasn’t worried. An old frog said he should be careful as the loser might come to live in the area. The loser did, and the frogs died.
105The Goose And The Golden EggThose who have plenty want more and so lose all they have.A man owned a goose that laid golden eggs and decided to kill it to obtain the source of gold. There wasn’t one. Too bad.
106The Two PotsEquals make the best friends.Two pots, brass and earthen, go out into the world together. The brass pot asks the earthen to be close; the earthen demurs, fearing breakage.
107The Farmer And His SonsIndustry is itself a treasure.A rich old farmer called his sons because he was dying. He said the account had belonged to their family for centuries. A treasure is concealed. By the time their father died, they had plowed the entire farm. However, as harvest arrived, they knew they had found the treasure in industry.
108The Milkmaid And Her PailDo not count your chickens before they are hatched.A Milkmaid came from the field with her pail on her head full of shining milk. She was lost in thought about the profits and what she would do with them when she tripped. No more milk.
109The Wolf And The ShepherdMen often condemn others for what they see no wrong in doing themselves.A wolf spied the Shepherd and his family eating roasted lamb near their hut. What a commotion there would have been if they had caught me doing exactly what they were doing with such enthusiasm!
110The Goatherd And The GoatWicked deeds will not stay hid.A Goatherd picked up a stone and threw it, breaking the Goat’s horn. “Do not tell the master,” he begged the Goat. “No,” said the Goat, “that broken horn can speak for itself!”.
111The MiserA possession is worth no more than the use we make of it.A miser tried to hide his gold but a thief saw where and took the gold. Too bad.
112The Wolf And The House DogThere is nothing worth so much as liberty.A Dog offered to help a Wolf get regular feed from his Master. The Wolf listened but saw a bald spot on Dog’s neck where the collar sat. Goodbye said Wolf.
113The Fox And The HedgehogBetter to bear a lesser evil than to risk a greater in removing it.A Fox with its tail caught was a feast for blood-sucking flies. A Hedgehog offered to remove them. Fox said no; those on him were already depleted, and the new would require more blood.
114The Bat And The WeaselsIt’s smart to take advantage of the situation.A Bat caught by a Weasel pleaded to live as the Weasel thought he was a bird and wasn’t. Caught again, he pleaded as a Mouse. Once more, free.
115The Quack ToadThose who would mend others, should first mend themselves.A Frog proclaimed himself a physician. A Fox asked the Frog how he can cure others when he can’t cure his own wrinkled appearance.
116The Fox Without A TailBeing a liar isn’t always easy.A Fox lost his tail in a trap and tried to get fellow foxes to trim their tails. They saw through the ruse.
117The Mischievous DogNotoriety is not fame.A bad dog was given a heavy wooden clog so people could be warned at his approach. The dog thought it a good thing and was proud of it. He was wrong.
118The Rose And The ButterflyDo not expect constancy in others if you have none yourself.A Butterfly falls in love with a beautiful Rose. After much pretty love-making, the Butterfly takes leave of his sweetheart. It was a long time before he came back to her. She exclaimed, tearfully, “You can’t expect any constancy from me!”
119The Cat And The FoxCommon sense is always worth more than cunning.Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon. A cat goes up a tree and gets away while a fox is caught trying to figure out what to do.
120The Boy And The NettleWhatever you do, do with all your might.A boy brushed a Nettle and was stung. His mother told him it had stung him because he had brushed it. Grasp it boldly and it will not hurt you.
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Best Aesop’s Fables Story Examples With Moral And Summary

#Aesop’s Fable Story TitleAesop’s Fable Story MoralAesop’s Fable EXAMPLES Story Summary
121The Old LionOnly cowards insult dying majesty.An Old Lion was near death, so animals that used to fear him came and abused him. Sadly, the Lion could do nothing to stop them.
122The Fox And The PheasantsToo much attention to danger may cause us to fall victims to it.A Fox came upon Pheasants in a tree. Fox went into a big dance and show and performed until the Pheasants became confused and dropped by Fox’s supper.
123Two Travelers And A BearMisfortune is the test of true friendship.Two Travelers agreed to guard each other. A Bear rushed at both and one climbed a tree; the other played dead and the Bear told him to not trust the other.
124The Porcupine And The SnakesGive a finger and lose a hand.A Porcupine was looking for a good home. He found a little sheltered cave, where lived a family of Snakes. The Snakes soon wished they had not given him permission to stay. And to save their skins, the Snakes had to look for another home.
125The Fox And The MonkeyThe true leader proves himself by his qualities.An unqualified Monkey became king. A Fox tricked the Monkey into a trap. Monkey asked the Fox how he could do such a thing. Fox said he should have known.
126The Eagle And The KiteEverything is fair in love.The Eagle cannot find a mate who can provide for him. The Kite’s talons are strong enough to carry an Ostrich. When the Kite returns from finding food for his spouse, all he has is a small Mouse.
127The Stag, The Sheep, And The WolfTwo blacks do not make a white.A Stag asked to borrow wheat from a Sheep and said he would leave a Wolf as a bond. The Sheep, understandably, did not think much of this offer.
128The Flies And The HoneyBe not greedy for a little passing pleasure. It may destroy you.Flies were attracted to a honey jar. They ate greedily. But, their feet and wings got covered with the honey, so they could not get free. They died.
129The Fighting Cock And The EaglePride goes before a fall.Two cocks living in the same farmyard couldn’t stand each other’s sight. One day they flew up to do battle beak and claw. They fought until one of them was beaten and fled to a corner. One day an Eagle heard the braggadocios’ chanticleer from atop the Hen’s Hoe and flew down to grab him. His rival, seeing the act, stepped forward to assume control of the farmyard.
130The Ass In The Lion’s SkinA fool may deceive by his dress and appearance, but his words will soon show what he really is.Fine clothes can hide a fool, but silly words will expose him. An ass decides to have fun and dresses as a lion. The ass is found out by the fox.
131The Cock And The FoxThe wicked deserve no aid.A Fox gets caught in a trap by the Farmer’s hen house. The Fox says he was just on his way to visit a sick relative. The Cock rouses the whole hen yard, and when the Farmer comes running out, that was the end of Mr. Fox.
132The Wolves And The SheepDo not give up friends for foes.Wolves convinced the Sheep they would be better off without the guard Dogs which they dismissed. Should not have done that; the Sheep are now eaten.
133The North Wind And The SunGentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail.The wind and the sun bet on which can force a man to remove a coat. The sun wins.
134The Mole And His MotherBoast of one thing and you will be found lacking in that and a few other things as well.A young Mole insisted he could see though blind from birth. His Mother put some incense before him and he knew not what it was. Not only blind but no smell.
135The Lion’s ShareMight makes right.Lion, Fox, Jackal, and Wolf used to hunt together. The Wolf once killed a Stag and divided the spoils. The Lion volunteered to carve the feast. He cut the Stag in half. “I am Lion King.” “I am the bravest, therefore this is my bit.”
136The Lion, the Ass, & the FoxLearn from the misfortunes of others.A Lion, Ass, and Fox hunted together. When it came time to divide the spoils, the lion killed those who attempted to divide things evenly. The fox learned and lived.
137Jupiter And The MonkeyMother love is blind.A Monkey presented her baby to Jupiter in a baby contest. Other animals laughed, but Monkey insisted that her baby was beautiful no matter what occurred.
138The Swallow And The CrowFriends in fine weather only, are not worth much.The Swallow and Crow argued about their plumage. The Crow said Swallow’s feathers are all good in the spring, but Crow’s feathers protect him in the winter.
139The Wolf, The Kid, And GoatHypocrites get hurt by the truth.A Goat went to pasture and told her Kid to not open the door without seeing a beard. Wolf asked to come in but Kid could not see a beard and was safe.
140The Miller, His Son, And The AssIf you try to please all, you please none.A Miller and his Son had an Ass. They tried to change how they moved as they met people along the road. They lost the Ass while trying to please everyone.
141The Ass And His ShadowIn quarreling about the shadow we often lose the substance.A Traveler hired an Ass. The day was hot and the Traveler sat in the shadow of the Ass. The Owner argued he didn’t hire the shadow. Ass took to its heels.
142The Cat And The Old RatThe wise do not let themselves be tricked a second time.A Cat once hung himself from a shelf, head down, as if dead, clinging to some ropes with one paw. The Mice assumed he was hung there as a punishment. Then he caught 3-4. An old Rat sat up in a safe distance from a hole in the wall. “Be careful!” “That’s a lot of food, but it looks like the Cat.”
143The Lark And Her Young OnesSelf-help is the best help.A Lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. One day, the Farmer and his son came into the field to harvest the wheat. The young Larks knew they would be in great danger if they did not leave the nest before the reapers came.
144The Bees, The Wasps, And The HornetAbility proves itself by deeds.Wasps and bees fought over a hollow tree’s honey. Judge Hornet postponed the case for six weeks to reflect. He asked both sides to build a honeycomb, and he concluded that the honey belonged to the Bees.
145The Shepherd And The LionWe are often not so eager for what we seek, after we have found it.A Shepherd found his sheep had been stolen. He promised Jupiter a fat calf as a reward for helping him find the thief. A enormous Lion emerged from a cave with a Sheep, and the Shepherd knelt in fright.
146The Animals And The PlagueThe weak are made to suffer for the misdeeds of the powerful.The Beasts suffered a plague. A tribunal was to judge the most evil who would be sacrificed. The Ass, who did little wrong, was condemned and eaten. Ouch!
Aesop’s Fables List Of Stories Examples For Kids

Conclusion For Aesop’s Fables Stories Examples

Aesop’s fable examples are short stories that try to show a hidden message. Fables have been used to teach people for a long time. Aesop’s fable examples are usually told with animals or objects as part of the story, but the message is meant to apply to people. Because the fabulist doesn’t appear to be the teacher, this lessens any partiality the listeners could perhaps have with the person.

When Aesop wrote his stories, they were the most well-known in the world at the time. There are some who say they were written before 620 BC.

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Aside from Aesop’s fables story examples in English, here are more lessons for yourself and your children.

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  1. In which fable can I find: to get rid of a mouse you get a cat, to get rid of the cat you get a dog, to get rid of the dog you get a lion or bear

    • Aren’t you thinking of the story of “The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”? The lady swallowed a fly, so to get rid of the fly, she then swallows a cat. Because she now has a cat in her stomach, to get rid of the cat, she swallows a dog, so on and so forth.


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