Basic Sentence Structure

Basic Sentence Structure | How to construct a Sentence?

This tutorial about Basic Sentence Structure for beginners, wherein learners would learn that sentence is the way a thought or idea is arranged, grammatically. The sentence structure of your writing includes where the noun and verb fall within an individual sentence. This also discusses about the definition and correct grammar of basic sentence structure with examples and PowerPoint presentation.

In this lesson you will learn the parts of a sentence and the five basic sentence patterns.

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Parts, definition and uses of a basic Sentence structure:

1. Subject: is the person or thing that does something

 Basic sentence structure Example:

        He likes dogs.

2. Verb: a word that expresses an action, occurrence, or state

          Of being

He likes dogs.

3. Object: is a person or thing that receives the action of a verb

          He likes dogs.

Word Order to determine the correct Grammar of Basic Sentence structure:

Subject      +    Verb    +    Object

   He                   waters              plants.

Subject             +            Verb

John                                  swims.

She                              is running.

Jenny                             will write.


Subject      +    Verb    +    Object

       Tim                      likes              tomatoes.

       She                      waters           the plants.

       We                are playing           chess.

Subject      +    Verb    +    Adjective

       Jane                       is               funny.

       He                          is               careful.

       The apples             are              sweet.

Subject      +    Verb    +    Adverb

Peter                   cries             loudly.

Jane                    danced         gracefully.

Guavas                are                everywhere.

Subject      +    Verb    +    Noun

He                       is                  my teacher.

They                    are                my classmates.

Jim                      is                  a farmer


Another Word order:

Subject  +     verb       +     object

Basic sentence patters

First is Subject + verb

Then there’s, Subject + verb + object

Subject + verb + adjective

You can also use Subject + verb + adverb

and Subject + verb + noun


If you have any questions or suggestions about how to write a sentence effectively, just simply a comment below.

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