There is vs There are How to Choose? -Learn to Speak English Fast

There is VS There are How to Choose? -Learn To Speak English Fast

We use there is VS there are to say that something exists. In this tutorial you are going to learn to speak English fast to tell or talk different rooms in the house and other things that exist with the use of “there is” and “there are”. This brings a complete PowerPoint (ppt) tutorial on how and when to use “there is” vs “there are” properly and backed up with a series of items and exercises for your students to work on.

Topic: There is VS There are Exercises with a series of Items and ppt (PowerPoint)-
-My Home

Focus Vocabulary: Rooms in the house/ furniture

Materials: Charts, Pictures

Word Drill: (rooms in the house. Furniture)

Bathroom                    dining room                 kitchen

Bedroom                     garage                        laundry

Living room                 front yard                    arm chair

Desk                           cupboard                    curtains

 Showing there is vs there are with a series of items or pictures of different rooms in the house

            Ask what are the things they see.

 Presentation of There is VS There are:

  1. Teacher reads Michelle’s story and students listen.

My family and I live in a house. There is a kitchen,  a big living-room,  a bathroom and two bedrooms  in the house. I love my room. It’s big and there are many things in it. There is a pink carpet on the floor. My dog likes to play on the carpet, and there are many toys on it.

Comprehension check up:

  1. Where do Michelle and her family live?
  2. How many bedrooms are there in the house?
  3. What is the color of the carpet on the floor?
  4. Who likes to play on the carpet?
  5. Does Michelle love her house?

Analysis and Discussion using the table below:

We use there is/ there are to say that something exists.

There is (1 thing) a book

an apple

There is a book on the table.

There is an apple on the table.

There are(2+ things) 2 books


There are 2 books on the table.

There are apples on the table.

Asking Questions:

Is there (1 thing) a book Is there a book on the table?
Are there (2+ things) apples Are there apples on the table?

Positive Sentences

We use there is for singular and there are for plural.

There is one computer in the classroom.

There are four chairs in the classroom.

There is a gecko in the house.

There are many people at the airport.

Negative Form

The negative is formed by putting not after is or are:

There is not a horse in the field.

There are not eight children in the school.

There is not a tree in the garden.

There are not two elephants in the zoo.


  1. Look at the picture. Write the words in the box.
practice there is vs there are grammar
Practice there is vs there are exercises

1___________2____________3____________ 4 ____________

5___________6____________7_____________8 ____________

Pair work: Read in pairs “What is there in your room?” and fill in the blanks using: Yes, there is./ Yes, there are./ Is there?/ Are there?/ No, there isn’t./ No, there aren’t.

A: __________ many toys in my room. __________ toys in your room?

B: __________. My dog likes to play with them. __________ a desk in your  room?

A: __________. __________ books, pens and things I need for school on my desk. __________ a sofa in your room?

B: __________. It’s in the living-room. __________ a big bed in my room. __________ paintings on the walls in your room?


Ask: When do we use “there is/ There are”?

– We use there is/ there are to say that something exists.  “There is” for one thing and “There are” for 2 or more things.

  1. Homework there is vs there are with a series of items

Ask your partner about their home. Is there a living-room, a kitchen, and a bathroom in the home? Are there 3 bedrooms in the home? What is there in his/ her room?

Exercise 1

Form questions or sentences using there is vs there are with a series of items. Write Is there/There is or Are there/There are  on the space.

  1. __________no milk in the fridge.
  2. __________  many rooms in your house?
  3. __________ a lot of snow in the mountains.
  4. __________ any mistakes in this text?
  5. __________ one question left.
  6. __________  no snails in my garden.
  7. __________ nobody in.
  8. __________  nothing to do?
  9. __________ seven days in a week?
  10. __________  a lot of tea in the kitchen.

Practice exercise 2

 Choose the correct answer there is vs there are exercises (there is and there are or is there and are there)

1.________________a laptop on the desk.

2.________________some students in the courtyard.

3. ________________ any possibility to meet her tonight?

4. ________________ so many issues with the new software.

5. ________________ any interesting books in the school’s library?

6. ________________ anybody who can help me?

7. The waiter says ________________ a lot of people who are                 complaining about the food.

8. ________________ any poems in this new textbook?

9. ________________ any reasons I should believe her  again?

10. I think ________________ some truth in what you are                         saying.

Video Tutorial

Watch here the video tutorial used in this article. And download the There is VS There are ppt here.

Downloadable Material of Practice there is vs there are

You can download the PowerPoint (ppt) presentation used in this tutorial for there is vs there are ppt exercises. There-are,_there-is_-My-Home-Autosaved

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