How The Rainbow Was Made Story With Moral Lesson/Summary

HOW THE RAINBOW WAS MADE – This article lets us know the story of how the rainbow was made together with its summary and moral lesson. Let us read and understand the myth carefully and enjoy the process.

The story is a native American myth from the Ojibwe Nation, the largest and most powerful tribe in the Great Lakes. The tale was written before the late 19th century and passed down from generation to generation by the family-oriented clan of the Ojibwe Nation.

How The Rainbow Was Made Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
How The Rainbow Was Made Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

How The Rainbow Was Made

One fine day when the earth was new, a man named Nanabozho went out of his house at the side of a waterfall. He noticed that every flower in the field was pale. How dull! Then, he thought of painting them, so he gathered all his paints and paintbrushes and went out.
He sat down in the vast field and looked at all the flowers. Then, Nanabozho organized his paint pots nicely in front of him: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and so on. After that, he started to paint the dull-colored flowers. He colored the violets with dark blue paint, the lilies with orange, the roses with a red, the daffodils with yellow, and the pansies with every color he could figure out. Nanabozho was merrily singing to himself as he looked at the brightly pleasurable luster of every flower with the light from shining Brother Sun.
Up in the sky, two dainty blue birds were happily roaming around. Zippity-zip, the first dainty bird, chases his companion named Zappity-zing around the field. They take turns; Zappity-zing now chased Zippity-zip the other way around. They joyfully played in a burst of bright sunshine as no one cared.
While the two little birds were playing happily, Nanabozho stopped for a while and looked at them. After a time, he returned to painting the dull-colored flowers in the field. On the other hand, the two little birds both agreed to play another game. Enjoying the vast field, they both decided to test how rapidly they could dive down to the area below them. Zippity-zip first flew down to try how fast he was. He flew down and down and rose again before he patted the ground. While doing so, his right-wing touched the red paint pot beside Nanabozho. Then, as Zappity-zing sailed down the ground, his left-wing dipped into the orange paint pot.
Because of what happened, Nanabozho castigated Zippity-zip and Zappity-zing, but they didn’t care. After a while, all the paint colors masked their whole body. Eventually, Nanabozho got so annoyed and drove the little birds away.
At that moment, the now two colorful birds hastened towards the waterfall beside the house of Nanabozho. They flew back and forth through the misty water spray and started to ray the sky with distinct colors.
With the birds busily flying in the air, Brother Sun flashed its light, and the lustrous colors formed a great arch of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet in the sky above the waterfall. Nanabozho saw the beautiful colors, smiled at the little birds, and said, “You have made a rainbow!”
From that day on, a gorgeous rainbow forms unfailingly whenever Brother Sun shines his light on the rain or the mist.

Story Analysis of How The Rainbow Was Made

The myth has an interesting picturesque as Nanabozho painted all the dull-colored flowers in the meadow. His patience made the field colorful and full of peace as he was enjoying it.

The Native Americans explain this story through the two playful birds having fun with each other and accidentally making a rainbow above a waterfall. Thus, this signifies that the rainbow represents happiness or hope.

How The Rainbow Was Made Story Moral Lesson

  • Patience is a way of taking time and effort to achieve a goal.
    • Nanabozho demonstrated this moral as he painted one-by-one all the flowers, patiently taking all the time and effort to beautify the field.
  • Don’t let the actions of others destroy your inner peace.
    • Even though the two birds were naughtily playing, Nanabozho stills tried to find tranquility and focused on painting the flowers.
  • Living is excellent in harmony with nature.
    • Nanabozho chose the location of his house beside the waterfall, surrounded by a vast field in unity with nature.

How The Rainbow Was Made Story Summary

The story begins when a man named Nanabozho, living in a house beside a waterfall, sees the meadow full of dull-colored flowers. He decided to bring his paint and give each flower beautiful colors. As he was painting, two dainty birds named Zippity-zip and Zappity-zing were playing above the sky, chasing each other.

After a while, they thought curiously, knowing how fast they could dive down the ground. The two birds flew down and rose one at a time before they patted the bottom. Unconsciously, they dipped their bodies in the paint pots of Nanabozho, making them colorful. Nanabozho angrily admonished them to go away. Then, the birds chased each other up the waterfall, and they started to ray the sky as they went back and forth through the misty water spray. As Brother Sun showed its light, it created a rainbow. Thus, he pronounced that from that day on, a rainbow would be made as the light and water mixed.

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