Consonant Blends “fr” Words as in Frog With Sample Excercise

Consonant Blends “fr” Words as in Frog With Sample Exercise and Sentences

In this lesson, you will learn how to master the consonant blends fr words as in frog and sentences. The lesson presented in this tutorial has a variety of practice exercises for students to work on to master the skills learned. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation for free which can help you master the words with fr sounds in the beginning.

A full video was provided for you to listen and watch on how to apply this tutorial to the learner in reading words, phrases and sentences with the consonant blends “fr” as in frog.

Let’s start Learning the fr Words

This is about Reading words, phrases, and sentences with fr words as in frog; and Answers wh- questions about a paragraph read.

Open up the lesson by singing or reading a jazz chant below:

We drill and draw in school                         

We learn to read and write                         

We also drink and eat                                   

We work and plant and play                       

How nice to be in school

 We eat and drink and sleep

 Let’s go to school today

Don’t cry its fun, I say.

Ask: In what sounds do these words begin? (fr)

Fresh, fruit, fried, front, frill, friend and free begin? (fr)

Show and say the consonant blend fr and let the students repeat.

/f/ and /r/ make /fr/

fr and og = frog

fr Words List

  • Free       frail        frog        front      fry
  • frill          frame    Frank     fruit       frat
  • fresh     friend    Fred       fried     fret

Before reading the story, have students learn new words found in the story. To develop the following words, phrases show real objects and pictures or use them in a sentence; fresh fruit, fried fish, dress with a frill, in front of and free.

Then move on to the reading of phrases, sentences, and the story;

fr Words Phrases:

Fresh fruit                           Fred and Frank

Fried fish                            sick and frail

Dress with a frill                play with the frog

a good friend                     free the crab

fr Words and Sentences:

The frog is free.                                              Who is free?

Fred is a good friend.                                     Who is a good friend?

He eats fried fish and fresh fruit.              What kind of fish does Fred eat?

Her dress has a frill.                                       What can you see on her dress?

A Good Friend

Fred and Frank are good friends. Frank is

sick and frail. Fred visits his friend, Frank.

He brings fresh fruit. He also brings fried

fish.  Frank is happy to see Fred. Fred is

happy to see Frank, too.

After reading the story, have the students read the words, phrases, and sentences with the fr blends.

Exercise 1 using fr words

Look for the words or phrases that will make the sentence complete.

Fred and Frank are good __________.

He brings ___________ to Frank.

Frank is sick and ___________.

___________is a good boy.

Exercise 2 using fr words

Use the words inside the box to answer the riddles.

Write the word.

Fruit       frill          frog        free      fried

I say “kokak”. What am I?                                             _________

I am sweet and colorful                                _________

Boys and girls like me. What am I?                            _________

I am good to eat it cooked. What am I?                  _________

I make your dress look pretty? What am I?          _________

I can do what I want. I am                                            _________

Exercise 3 using fr words

Directions: Read the story. Answer the questions about the story. Write only the letter.

“The frog is free. I can play. It can swim.

 It says “kokak’ in front of the crab.”

1. Who is free?

A. Frog                  B. Frank                                C. crab

2. What does it say?

A. Arf, arf            B. meow, meow               C. Kokak

3. Where is the frog? In front of the

A. Crab                 B. frog                                   C.  crib

Watch here the video tutorial of this lesson about the consonant blends fr words as in frog.
This Consonant Blends /fr/ as in frog is a complete guide

Here’s the Powerpoint presentation using in this lesson.


In summary, you have learned how to read words, phrases, and sentences with fr words as in frog.

That cmpletes our discussion about the consonant blend words with fr sounds in the beginning. May this discussion help you teach you students and help them pronounce fr sound words.

If you have concerns regarding our discussion, please feel free to write you questions in the comments or inform us trough contact. I’ll be happy to know!

Now let me know something. What have you learned from the discussion?

Would you like to have another discussion for another topic?

Just let me know and updated. Have a good day!

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