Words with o Sound As In Pot

Words with o Sound As In Pot

In this English tutorial for beginners 2021 about Words with o sound as in pot was a Complete Guide with corresponding powerpoint (ppt) on how to Recognize phonic words, phrases and sentences. These were presented words with sound o as in pot and answer who, what, where questions about a story read.

As you go deeper with the discussions you will then master the words with o sound 2021.

Now, let us start the learnings.


                Read words, phrases, and sentences with o as in pot.

                Answer who, what, where questions about a story read.

Subject Matter:

a. Lesson Title    –              O as in pot

b. Materials        –              word cards, phrase and sentence cards, pictures, chart

c. Value               –              Respect for others


a. Drill                    – Words, phrases and sentences with a as cat

b. Opener          – Jazz Chant

Ask after jazz chant

Mom loves Tom.                              Who loves Tom?

Mom loves Tom.                              Who is her son?

Tom is her son. Tom is her son.

c. Motivation:


  • Do you sleep on a cot?
  • Have you touched a hot pot?
  • Let us learn to read words with similar sounds.

d. Presentation

                Reading by word families

                Teacher introduces the word family- ot. Students repeat ot.

                Students sound the initial c and ot-cot. Do the same with other words in the –ot family.

                Read the words-whole class, groups, rows, individual students

                Repeat the same procedure with the other word families.

Word Families

                                ot                            op                           od                           ox

                                cot                          cop                         nod                        box

                                hot                         hop                        pod                        ox

                                pot                         mop                       rod                         fox

                                dot                         pop                        God


Unlocking the difficulties of reading o sound words through pictures

  • Through pictures-cot, pot, mop, pod, fox
  • Through Gestures- hop nod hot

1. Phrases :

Phrases are important for faster learning. Use the e-sound words into phrases to understand it more. Here are the examples:

  a hot pot                              a pod in the box

  mop the cot                       nod and hop

  the fox and the ox           a cop on the cot

2. Sentences :

 If phrases were not enough to emphasize the words that begins with tr, then use some sentences. Here are some examples:

Ask after each sentence.

The tot sobs on the mat.                              What did the tot do?

The mad lad got the top of Ted.                What did the mad lad do?

The cop is on the cot.                                   Where’s the cop?

Get the hot pot.                                              What will you get?

The men hop and nod.                                 What did the men do?


The fat cop sat on the cot. A bad man got the cap on the cop. He ran to the dam. The cop got mad.

4. Comprehension Questions

                  Where is the cop?

                  Who got his cap?

                  Where did the man run to?

                  Who got mad?

                  Is it good for the man to get the cap of the cop? Why? Why not?

                  What should we do before we get what others have?

                  What do we show if we ask permission?


          Activity 1– flashcards drill on the words learned.

          Activity 2– Draw a line to match the pictures with the phrases.

Englishtutorhub Activity 2
Activity 2

Activity 3 – Read each sentence carefully. Answer the question after each. Underline the correct answer.

                1. The tot sobs on the mat. (Who sobs on the mat?)

                     bat                                         tot                                          Ben

                2. The mad lad got the top of Ted. (Who got the top of Ted?)

                      Mad lad                                bad lad                                 sad lad

                3. The cop is on the cot. (Where is the cop?)

                     On the top                          on the lot                            on the cot

                4. A map is in the box. (What is in the box?)

                        A cop                                     a mop                                   a pot

                5. The fox can hop. (What can the fox do?)

                        It ca hop                               it can rot                              it can nod

Activity 4 – Frame words, phrases and, sentences in the story.

           Cop                      fat cop                                The fat cop sat on the mat.

           Cot                       on the cot                           He ran to the dam.

           Got                       cap of the cop                   The cop got mad.

Activity 5– Match words, phrases, and sentences in the story with words, phrases and sentences in cards.


                Read the story orally.


                Read the jazz chant.

Watch the video here to get the full idea of how to properly pronounce the words with o sound.


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This tutorial about Words with o sound is a continuation of our previous tutorial about the Consonant Blends fr word as in Frog.

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