Prepositions of Place: AT, IN, ON English Grammar Tutorial

Prepositions of Place: AT, IN, ON English Grammar Tutorial

In this complete tutorial for beginners’ learners would be able to tell the preposition of place. A preposition of place is a preposition that is used to refer to a place where something or someone is located. There are only three prepositions of place “AT”, “In”, and “ON”, let’s discuss this in more detail.

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Preposition at:

  1. a specific point or place

2. An Exact address:

He lives at 13 Avenue Street.

He lives at Avenue Street. X

He lives on Avenue Street.

3. Events:

4. Buildings where an event or activity takes place:

at the hotel

at the cinema

at the library

at the police station etc.…

5. Somebody’s house:

He is at Paul’s house.

She lives at her parents’ house.

6. A Stop on a journey:

We stopped at a nice village.

The bus to Bangkok stops at Korat.

7. Standard Expressions:

Preposition on:

1. For the surface

2.Attached to

3. The coast/ rivers/ roads:

Nongkai is a Province on the South Eastern of Thailand.

London is on the river Thames.

He lives on Avenue Street.

4. Standard Expressions:

on a farm

on the left / on the right

on the ground floor/ on the 1st floor / on the 2nd floor…

on the radio

on television

on a ship

on the bus

Preposition in:

  1. An enclosed space with a large place with boundaries;

in a container

in the kitchen

in the forest

in the garden

in the desert and so on…

  1. Towns or cities;

He lives in Manila.

Jason is in the village.

They are in Paris to watch the fashion show.


  1. Standard expressions;

in the newspaper             in a boat

in prison                          in the sky

in hospital                        in a row

in Avenue Street              in a lift (elevator)

in a taxi                            in photograph

sit in an armchair (sit on a chair / on a stool)

in the water / in the sea

Practice Exercise 1

Put in the correct prepositions in, on and at

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to ban smoking ______ public places?
  2. Look at the picture ______ the wall.
  3. My house is ______ the end of the street.
  4. I stopped ______ Nancy’s house.
  5. Do you like walking ______ the garden?

Practice Exercise 2

Put in the correct prepositions in, on and at.

  1. I found my keys ______the desk.
  2. I met him______ Paris.
  3. He was crying ______the back of the classroom.
  4. I saw the film ______TV.
  5. These people live______my hometown.

You’ve just learned when to use the “preposition of place”, hope this has helped you and practice to use it correctly.

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