8 Phrasal Verbs And Expressions With “Back” – Vocabulary

8 Phrasal Verbs And Expressions With Back – Vocabulary

In this lesson about 8 Phrasal Verbs And Expressions With Back you will learn a vocabulary lesson about 8 useful expressions with the word ‘back’, and they mean to return somewhere. This phrasal verbs and expressions with back comes with exercises and examples that will help learners master these knowledge.

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Phrasal Verbs And Expressions With Back Explanation

  1. go back / come back this means to “return somewhere”

For example:

going BACK

This means that at the start of the journey “I went from Bangkok to the place where I was in at the present, and I’m going back to Bangkok tomorrow.

Coming back
Coming back

2. back out– this is  an expression which mean;

  • to not keep a Promise or commitment
  • to refuse to do something that you had previously agreed
backing out
backing out

An engineer was forced to backed out of a contract due to the earthquake.

3. back someone up; so the form is- “back” + someone + up

  • to support or help someone
  • to defend someone

Expressions with “back” Examples:

My friend backed me up in my fight for promotion.

The criminal made a statement and the lawyer backed him up.

4. behind someone’s back – the form is;

        “behind” + someone’s + “back”

  • to do something secretly
  • to do something without telling someone


someones back
someones back

We’ve taught our kids that it’s impolite to talk about people behind their backs.

behind her back
behind her back

5. pay back– this  is a phrasal verb and  we have two choices with the form:

         “pay back” + someone    or     “pay” + someone + “back”

  • reimburse someone/ to return money to someone


You must pay back the full amount of money that you owe. Jack tried to pay back his gambling debts, but he was in over his head.

6. Expressions with back to square one

  • return to the beginning of a problem or project
  • to start again working on a plan from the beginning


My first business failed so I’m back to square one but I’m not going to give up.

back to square
back to square

7. get back to someone

        “get back to” + someone

  • to retaliate against someone who did something to you


My coworker got back at me for gossiping about her by telling everyone I stole office supplies.

got back at
got back at

If you think you’re getting back at me by not coming to my party, you’re only missing a really fun evening.

8. laid- back

        laid-back (adjective)

  • relaxed / informal / not worried / not stressed / comfortable


Phrasal Verbs And Expressions With Back laid back
laid back

I like laid-back teachers who don’t assign too much homework.

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