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NUON IN ENGLISH – This article will show you the best English translation of the word nuon. What is the meaning of the word nuon in English?


What is the meaning of Nuon In Tagalog? (Nuon Kahulugan)

Ang salitang “nuon” ay isang alternatibong baybay ng salitang Tagalog na “noon.”

Bilang karagdagan, ayon sa, ito ay ginagamit upang ilarawan ang isang tiyak na yugto ng panahon sa nakaraan.

Nuon Synonyms in Tagalog (Nuon Kasingkahulugan)

Here are some Tagalog synonyms for the word “nuon“:

  • Noon
  • Dati
  • Dati-rati
  • Kasalukuyan noon
  • Noong una
  • Noong unang panahon

What is Nuon In English Translation?

NuonBack then
Tagalog-English Translation

The best English translation of the word “nuon” in the dictionaries is “back then.”

What is Nuon meaning in English? (Back then Meaning)

Here is the meaning of the word “back then“:

The term “back then” is a phrase that is used to describe a specific period of time in the past.

Another word for “back then”:

Here are the other words for “back then.”

  • Then
  • In those days
  • At one point
  • Back when
  • Before
  • Previously
  • Earlier
  • In the past
  • Beforehand
  • A while back
  • Erstwhile
  • Some time ago

Nuon In English Translation Example Sentences

Palagi kaming naglalaro sa ulan nuon.We always played in the rain back then.
Gustong-gusto ko talaga ang teleseryeng iyan nuon.I really loved that TV series back then.
Nuon, ang paborito naming laro ay “Chinese Garter.”Back then, our favorite game was “Chinese Garter.”
Ano ang mga bagay na na-miss mo nuon?What were the things you missed back then?
Nuon, palagi kaming pinapagalitan ng lola namin.Back then, our grandma always scolded us.
Tagalog-English Translation Example Sentences

There are a couple of words that could be translated into nuon. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write or say.

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In summary, we have discussed the meaning of the word “nuonand its translation. In addition, we have provided example sentences for the Tagalog English Translation.


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