The Miller, His Son, And The Ass Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

The Miller, His Son And The Ass – This article will tell you the story of the miller, his son, and the ass on Aesop’s fables summary and a moral lesson in English. What are the miller and his son in the fable making use of their time? Also, what is the moral lesson of the story?

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The Miller, His Son, & the Ass Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
The Miller, His Son, & the Ass Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Who is Aesop?

Before exactly reading the story, let us know a little about the author first.

Aesop is a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with several fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

Now, enjoy reading Aesop’s story with understanding and an open mind.

The Miller, His Son, And The Ass

One day, a long time ago, an old Miller and his Son were on their way to market with an Ass which they hoped to sell. They drove him very slowly, for they thought they would have a better chance to sell him if they kept him in good condition. As they walked along the highway some travelers laughed loudly at them.

“What foolishness,” cried one, “to walk when they might as well ride. The most stupid of the three is not the one you would expect it to be.”

The Miller did not like to be laughed at, so he told his son to climb up and ride.

They had gone a little farther along the road, when three merchants passed by.

“Oho, what have we here?” they cried. “Respect old age, young man! Get down, and let the old man ride.”

Though the Miller was not tired, he made his son get down and climbed up the ass himself to ride, just to please the Merchants.

At the next turnstile they overtook some women carrying market baskets loaded with vegetables and other things to sell.

“Look at the old fool,” exclaimed one of them. “Perched on the Ass, while that poor boy has to walk.”

The Miller felt a bit vexed, but to be agreeable he told the Boy to climb up behind him.

They had no sooner started out again than a loud shout went up from another company of people on the road.

“What a crime,” cried one, “to load up a poor dumb beast like that! They look more able to carry the poor creature, than he to carry them.”

“They must be on their way to sell the poor thing’s hide,” said another.

The Miller and his Son hurried down fast, and the market place erupted when they appeared with a Donkey hanging from a pole. A great crowd of people ran out to get a closer look at the strange sight.

However, as so many people came up to him to point and laugh and yell, the Ass began to kick and bray, and suddenly, as they were crossing a bridge, the ropes that bound him gave way, and he fell into the river below.

The poor Miller now set out sadly for home. By trying to please everybody, he had pleased nobody, and lost his Ass besides.

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Story Analysis of The Miller, His Son, And The Ass

TitleThe Miller, His Son, And The Ass
CharacterThe miller, his son, the ass, and the people
SettingOne day in the road across a treeless plain led to a distant part of the country.
Moral of the StoryIf you try to please all, you please none.
Story Analysis

The Miller, His Son, And The Ass Moral Lesson

  • Criticisms like this can slowly wear you down, but only if you let them to.
  • Respond appropriately to criticism.
  • If you try to please all, you please none.
  • Be aware that the problem is usually with them and not you.
  • Some people you just can’t please.

The Miller, His Son, And The Ass Summary

A Miller and his Son had an Ass. They tried to change how they moved as they met people along the road. They lost the Ass while trying to please everyone.

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