The Swallow And The Crow Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

The Swallow And The Crow is a story or fable, presented here with a summary and a moral lesson in English. How are the birds in the fable making use of their time? Also, what is the moral lesson of the story?

Here, we give you an inspiring moral story for kids. This would be one of the best moral stories for kids as they love animals. Most stories for children like this serve as a foundation for learning and ethical lessons.

Fables, like this one, are typical stories about animals that convey moral lessons for you and your kids. We have therefore prepared a variety of fable stories that you can read and share with your loved ones.

Stories for kids like this are best designed to engage learners in reading. This exhibits the morality of animals as it illustrates the ways of animals. You may now explore the beautiful fable story by Aesop.

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The Swallow and The Crow Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
The Swallow and The Crow Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Who is Aesop?

Before exactly reading the story, let us know a little about the author first.

Aesop is a Greek fabulist and storyteller credited with several fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

Now, enjoy reading Aesop’s story with understanding and an open mind.

The Swallow And The Crow

The Swallow and the Crow had contention about their plumage.

Said the Swallow: “Just look at my bright and downy feathers. Your black stiff quills are not worth having. Why don’t you dress better? Show a little pride!”

“Your feathers may do very well in spring,” replied the Crow, “but—I don’t remember ever having seen you around in winter, and that’s when I enjoy myself most.”

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Story Analysis of The Swallow And The Crow

What is the title of the story?The title of the story is “The Swallow And The Crow“.
Who are the characters of the story?The characters of the story are the swallow and the crow.
What is the theme of the story?The theme of the story is boasting.
What is the setting of the story?The setting of the story is one day in the forest.
What is the moral of the story?The moral of the story is friends in fine weather only, are not worth much.
Who is the author of the story?The author of the story is Aesop.
Story Analysis

The Swallow And The Crow Moral Lesson

  • Don’t be proud of something that isn’t very useful.
  • The best of two equals lasts the longest.
  • Some birds’ wings were only useful for a short time, while other birds’ wings were more useful.
  • Friends in fine weather only, are not worth much.

The Swallow And The Crow Summary

The Swallow and Crow contention about their plumage. The Crow said Swallow’s feathers are all good in the spring, but Crow’s feathers protect him in the winter.

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What is the Solution of the Story “The Swallow And The Crow “?

Back in the story, the and swallow crow had an argument one day about each other plumage, but swallow’s feather is just good in spring but mine protect in the winter which the swallow can’t.

Truly, boasting is no longer useful in times of actual trouble and circumstances.

More Lessons for Children

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