Conjunctions “And” “But” “Or” and “So”- English Lesson For Beginners

Conjunctions “And” “But” “Or” and “So” – English Lesson For Beginners

In this tutorial in English Lesson For Beginners learners would be able to define “Conjunction”. And learn the use the list four coordinating Conjunctions “and”, “but”, “or” and “so” with examples, video and ppt presentation.

Coordinating conjunctions are what come to most people’s minds when they hear the word “conjunction.” They join together words, phrases, and independent clauses.

Watch the video here.

What is a conjunction? A conjunction is;

  • Part of speech
  •  Word that connects other words or groups of words
  • Words that helps us build sentences

List of Conjunctions:

  • Coordinating conjunctions: Connect two equal parts of a sentence
  • Most common conjunctions:






  • is used to joins or adds words together
  • connects the same part of speech, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • connects ideas


  • Shows choice or possibilities in the sentence
  • Connects same parts of speech

Conjunctions Examples:


  • Shows opposite or conflicting ideas
  • Often connects sentences


          She is poor but industrious.

            My classmate was sick but goes to school.

            I also called Jane but she wasn’t home.


                – Shows the result of the sentence

            – Two parts of the sentence: the situation and result


            Put on your jacket so you don’t feel cold.

            I wanted an ice cream so I went to the shop.

            He was lazy so he did not study well.


Conjunctions       What it does         Examples
    and Joins or add words Peter and John play football.  
    or Shows choice or possibilities Would you prefer orange juice or strawberry juice?   
    but Shows opposite or conflicting ideas   She is poor but industrious.  
    so Shows the result of the sentence Put on your jacket so you don’t feel cold.  


Fill in the blanks with the conjunctions “and”, “but”, “or” and “so” for the sentence to complete.

1. I work quickly____________ quietly.

2. I like coffee ____________ and bread.

3. He reads magazines, ____________ he doesn’t like to read books.

4. We can either go to the cinema   ____________ to the café.

5. Do you like milk ____________ chocolate?

6. I’ve drunk six cups of coffee today, ____________   I’ve got a headache.

7. I like coffee, ____________ John prefers tea.

8. He’s hungry ____________he gets some food.

9. He lost the key____________  he couldn’t get into his room.

10. The weather isn’t very nice ____________ we don’t play outside.

Downloadable Materials

Download the Conjunction ppt Presentation used in this tutorial here.

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