English Tutorial For Beginners : Hobbies – Like/Hate/Love

English Grammar Tutorial For Beginners: Hobbies – Like/Hate/Love

In this English grammar tutorial for beginners’ learners would be able to learn English fast in naming, telling or talking about their hobbies and how to talk or speak about things they like, love or hate. This article about of like, hate, love English Grammar tutorial comes with ppt and ing exercises that is useful in teaching grammar.

You will learn the grammar: Verb + ing to form simple sentences with the verbs “like”, “love”, and “hate” in English. You will also learn some vocabulary for sports and other hobbies that you may enjoy.

English Grammar: Verb + ing exercises like/hate/love:
Vocabulary:   Hobbies

Materials: charts, pictures

Learning Activities

  1. Pre- Activity

          1.1 Drill of vocabulary words (Hobbies)

1.2 Showing pictures of different hobbies and ask students what they see in the picture.

 2. Activity Proper

a.1 Presentation:

a. 1 Match the verbs with their definitions.

1. swim                a) to travel on a horse

2. ride                  b) to make pictures with a pencil

3. draw                c) to make music with your mouth

4. drive                d) to move through water

5. dance               e) to move around in a car

6. sing                  f) to move your body while listening to music

a.2. Unscramble the conversations.

Beth:  I want to go camping or dancing. Ramon: I love singing. Let’s go!
Beth:  How about karaoke? Do you like singing? Ramon: I don’t really. Why?
Beth: Ramon, do you like camping? Ramon: I hate dancing
Richard: Sure, I love going there. Andre: Do you want to come with me to the gallery?
Richard: Amazing picture, Andre! Andre: Let’s go.
Richard: I also like it, but I like drawing more. Andre: Thank you! I love painting.

a. 3. Comprehension questions checkup.

  1. What does Beth want? 5. What does Richard like?
    2. Does Ramon like dancing? 6. What is Andre good at?
    3. What does Ramon like?                      7. Where are they going?
    4. Who is Richard’s friend?                    8. Does Richard like dancing?
  2. Analysis/discussion
    Discuss that;

-When we want to say that we like or don’t like doing something we use the pattern:

like/hate/love +Verb + ing

e.g. I like swimming.; John hates reading., etc.

Give more examples. 

c. Practice:

1. Put the verbs from the list in a category of your choice.

Do you like hate/ love….?

paint / swim / dance / ride / read / draw / drive / go for a picnic / walk / travel / sleep













2. Look at the table above. Write six sentences beginning with:

 I like… I hate… I love…

E.g. I like drawing pictures.

1V. Evaluation

 Match the beginning of the sentence from Column A with its ending from Column B.

COLUMN A                                                       COLUMN B
1. I woke up at 10 a.m. I really                            a) likes riding it.

2. Petra has a horse. She                                    b) love sleeping.

3. My parents are in Brazil. They like                  c) traveling.

4. John loves driving his car but                          d) loves painting.

5. Francois bakes delicious cakes. He                e) books so much?
6. Martha bought some milk. She                         f) hates drinking black coffee.

7. His brother is an artist. He                                g) he hates walking.
8. Do you really like reading                                 h) likes eating. 

V. Homework

1. Write 6 sentences about your hobby. Then write 2 about the things you hate doing. Report to the class.

2. Find two classmates who have the same/ similar hobbies.

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