Healthy Food – Reading Comprehension to Practice

Healthy Food – Reading Comprehension to Practice

In this reading lesson, you’re going to read about “Healthy Food” that you need to eat every day for your body needs to keep us healthy and stay fit. This lesson not only enhance you reading comprehensions but you can also learn the ideas about the healthy foods. And By the end of this lesson, you will find the downloadable reading comprehension about healthy food PDF and PPT files. But before we proceed, let us know what are the “Healthy Foods”.

What are the Healthy Foods – Reading Comprehension?

Understanding and interpreting what is read is referred to as comprehension. Children must be able to decode what they read,  draw connections between what they read and what they already learn and  think deeply about what they have read in order to effectively understand reading information.

Reading Comprehension about “Healthy Foods”

Our health depends on what we eat every day. It is very important to know what is good for our bodies and what is not. We ca stay healthy if we have a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and fruit.

In Asia, people serve rice with almost every meal. People eat a lot of potatoes in European countries, . In Germany, Austria and Switzerland nearly every meal is served with potatoes.

The way we cook food can make it good or bad for us. Boiled or steamed potatoes are very healthy, but a popular way of eating potatoes is chips. (It is called French fries in America). Chips are cooked in hot oil which is a kind of fat. Too much fat is not good for us. We should avoid eating too much chips and a lot of fried food.

Answer the questions:

1. Are meat, vegetables and fruit important to your health?

2. Is it good to eat only meat?

3. Is fried food healthy for body?

4. What do American people call “chips”?

5. Do you like fried food?

Healthy foods Reading Comprehension

Downloadable “Reading Comprehension about Healthy Food” English Lesson Materials

Download here the PPT presentation of the Lesson: Reading Comprehension about Healthy Food This will serve as your basis to teach your students. You may also have the Healthy Food Reading Comprehension PDF or copy of this lesson.

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