Part II. Past Simple of To Be – Jobs

Part II. Past Simple of To Be – Jobs

In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn how to identify, and use the past simple form of the verb “To Be” and learn the different jobs and what they do and match the profession with its definition.

Subject Matter: Past Simple Of To Be – Jobs

Vocabulary Focus: Different Jobs         

Materials: charts, pictures

Developmental Activities

A. Presentation:

Match the profession with its definition.

1. doctor     a) a person who teaches at a school or a college

2. driver      b) a person who makes pictures with paint

3. teacher    c) a person who learns at a school or a college

4. student    d) a person who drives a car, a bus, a truck etc.

5. waiter     e) a person who helps people when they are ill

 6. painter    f) a person who brings food to people in a restaurant

Teacher reads the passage as the students listen to the text and answer the comprehension questions that follow.

My name is Tony. My brother was a doctor, and his wife Ana was a teacher. They were both very good at their jobs. My brother’s wife loved to teach the kids at school. The children were very happy and loved their teacher. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor like my brother but I was a waiter in a restaurant. It was a good job for me, because I love to be around people. The restaurant was very nice. It had big windows, nice tables, and very good food.

Answer the following questions.

  1. What was Tony?
  2. Was Tony’s brother a teacher?
  3. Did Tony work in a big restaurant with very good food?
  4. What was Tony’s brother’s wife?
  5. When Tony was a kid, what did he want to be?
  6. Was Tony’s brother a good doctor?

B. Analysis and discussion

Review the Present Simple Tense of “To Be” and discuss how it changes in Past Simple Tense.

To Be (Present Simple)                    To Be (Past Simple)

          I am                                                   I was

          You are                                             You were

          He is                                                  He was

          She is                                                She was

          It is                                                    It was

          We are                                               We were

          You are                                             You were

          They are                                            They were


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb “to be“.

  1. Ana _______ a teacher.
  2. Tony _______ a waiter and he loved his job.
  3. Ana’s husband _______ Tony’s brother, and he _______ a doctor.
  4. Tony wanted to be a doctor like his brother when he _______ little.
  5. The restaurant _______ very big.
  6. The children at school _______very happy.

Correct the mistakes in the sentences.


I worked in a bank, so I was a pilot.          (banker)

My sister were a teacher.                                  (was)

  1. My sister was a driver, so she painted pictures._________
  2. Tony’s brother were a doctor, and he loved his job._________
  3. Ana were a very good teacher and the children loved her._________
  4. David was a waiter, so he worked in a bank.__________
  5. Tony worked in a restaurant, so he was a student._________


Underline the correct word.

My mother teaches English, so she is a (teacher/doctor).

  1. My brother goes to school, so he is a (student/ doctor).
  2. My best friend drives a bus, so he is a (teacher/ driver).
  3. Tony brings food to people in a restaurant, so he is a (student/ waiter).
  4. Ana teaches Math, so she is a (teacher/ banker).
  5. I paint pictures, so I am a (painter/ driver).


Assign students to ask five people about their grandfather’s/grandmother’s jobs and report to the class.

For Example: “What was your grandfather? He was a doctor.”

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