Sequencing Events

Sequencing Events

In this starter pack for tutorial for beginners, learners will develop in “Sequencing Events” chronologically. What are the ways in “Sequencing Events”?. How “Sequencing Events” important in expressing ideas.

In this lesson, you will enrich the sense of orderliness in “Sequencing Events” chronologically that affects everyday scenario.

Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks to put the group of sentences in order. The first step is numbered for you.

1.I don’t want pizza again for a long time.
    1    I ate ten pieces of pizza.
Later that night, I got sick.
I felt very full.
2.The first thing he does is plow the field.
The the ground is ready to be planted.
After that, he disc the field to break the rows of dirt.
    1    When a farmer is going to plant a crop, he needs to prepare the ground.
3.First, she carried the bags into the house.
   1   Mom came home from shopping.
Finally, she put away all the dry and canned goods.
  Then she found all the cold or frozen things and put them away.
4.The plant burst into flower.
The rain watered it, covering it with mud.
   1   A seed fell to the soft ground.
  The seed quickly grew into a tall plant.

Fill in the blanks to put the group of sentences in order.

Write 1 in the blank for the first sentence,2 for the second sentence, and so on.

__________First, we unload the dishwasher.
__________It is time to do chores.
__________Now, the house looks nicer.
__________Third, we make our beds.
__________Then, we put dirty clothes in the washer.
__________After our picnic, we will pick up our trash.
__________When we find a good spot, we will have our picnic.
___________Before we have a picnic, we will pack some food.
___________By the end of the day, it had started to rain.
___________We went to the water park this afternoon.
___________First, it was very hot and sunny.
___________Later, clouds covered the sun, and it actually felt cool.
___________The weather was strange.
  ___________On weekends, Mom would try to spend as much time with me as she could.
____________She’d leave early for work, so I went to my grandmother’s until school began.
____________At the end of the school day, Grandma would pick me up from school.
_____________When I was five, my father passed away.
_____________My mother had to work very hard to keep food on the table.
_____________Mom would come home for dinner, and then work an evening job.

Sequencing Complete.

1. Orville Wright wanted to know hot to fly. So did his brother Wilbur. They studied books about flight. They watched how a kite flew. They learned about motors.
Then they built a glider. A glider is a plane with no motor. They practiced flying their glider.
Next, they built a plane with an engine. Orville flew the plane first. His flight lasted 12 seconds. Wilbur flew it next. His flight lasted almost one minute.
Orville and Wilbur were pioneers of flying.

Put these sentences in order:

___________Orville flew.

___________Orville and Wilbur studied about flight.

____________Wilbur flew.

Which happened last?
A. They flew a glider.
B. They flew a plane with an engine.

2. Meg’s family packed all of their things.

They put everything in their wagon.
They said “good-bye” to their friends. They moved west.
Many other settlers moved west too.
They had heard of people getting rich there. People had found gold in the west.
Meg and her family hoped to find gold too. They hoped for a new life in the west.

Put these sentences in order:

__________Meg’s family packed their things __________Meg’s family moved west.
  __________Meg’s family said “good-bye.”

Which happened last?
A. People had found gold in the west.
B. Meg’s family moved west.

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