Short answers (part 2) “that clauses”

Short answers (part 2) “that clauses”

In this complete tutorial we are doing (part 2) of the series lesson about short answers and we’re going closely at “that clauses”. As a quick reminder “a short answer is an answer that does not repeat all of the words from the question”.

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Often, we don’t want to repeat the information in a “that clause”.

In this lesson I’m going to show you how we can say a short answer which replaces a “that clause


Joe: Do you think that you arrived early?

Ben: I hope that I arrived early. X (long answer)

Ben: I hope so. / (short answer)

         I hope it. X

         I hope. X

And here are the verbs that use this structure because obviously we cannot use this with all verbs so we use this with hope and also these verbs;

            believe, hope, expect, imagine, suppose, reckon, think, be afraid

Let’s look at some examples:

            Carl: Are you going to Las Vergas next week?

            Dave: I believe so.  (I believe that I’m going to Las Vegas next week.)

            Dave: I expect so.

Dave: I think so.

Dave: I reckon so.

Dave: I imagine so.

Dave: I suppose so.

Dave: I hope so.

Dave: I’m afraid so. (yes, with regret)

Now the opposites, how do we put these structures in the negative form.

Let’s start with an example:

Pat: Is the Director coming to the office?

            negative form of verb + “so

Jake: I don’t believe so.                            Jake: I don’t reckon so.

Jake: I don’t expect so.                             Jake: I don’t imagine so.

Jake: I don’t think so.                                Jake: I don’t suppose so.


hope + not                            be afraid + not

Jake: I hope not!                               Jake: I’m afraid not.

                                    More examples

Mon: I think that you’ll pass the interview.

Dave: I hope so.

Jean: Are you sure you’ll know a lot of people there?

Kim: I don’t think so.

Paul: Will you be at the bar?

Rob: I expect so.

Alter: Have you bought me a wine?

Pam: I’m afraid not.

Anne: Is Dan going to pick you?

Susan: I imagine so.

Keith: Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Jim: I hope not.

So, there we are I hope you enjoy this lesson, don’t forget to subscribe, share, like and let me know your thoughts and questions. Love to hear from you.

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