Would for Past Habits-Describing people

Would for Past Habits-Describing people

Good day fellas! Today I will introduce to you the word “would” which is used as to talk about our past habits. In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn what the usage of would for talking about past habits and describe people. This lesson about would for past habits topics to describe people comes with example sentences and exercises that will boost your knowledge.

Subject matter:  Would for Past Habits uses, sentences and exercises/examples

Focus Vocabulary: Describing people

Materials: Charts, pictures

Developmental Activities

A. Pre-activity:

Drill of Vocabulary

Motivation: Showing different pictures of people and have students describe the pictures

B. Lesson Proper


Teacher reads the passage as students listen .

 The story I will share is of my dear friend, Kathy. She’s one of the most courageous people I know. But let me start from the beginning. Probably, most of you have heard of anorexia? It is an eating disorder that makes one obsessed with losing weight, the consequences of which may be extremely serious. Many patients spend years fighting the disease, and some even die.

 Well, Kathy’s is just one of those stories. Kathy is 16, a bright girl, also a class-mate. She likes dancing, and hanging around with her friends. Kathy, however, even though being a normal teenager, had something that bothered her a lot. She was overweight. That made her sensitive, not really confident, and at times miserable. So, she decided to do something about it. She started exercising, and for seven months she would exercise excessively, and eat healthily. That gave results. She lost 27 kg.

Students read the passage after the teacher and have them answer the comprehension would past habits exercises and questions.

1. What is anorexia?

2. How does the disease change your self-image?

3. What symptoms of anorexia was Kathy showing?

4. What makes Kathy sensitive?

5. When did Kathy decide to do something about it?

C. Analysis and discussion for “would” past habit sentences

Discuss that we use WOULD to talk about repeated PAST events, actions, features (positive and negative)

I would visit my grandparents every Saturday when I was a kid.


Read the text. Underline the use of would for past habits.

Every time her project was not approved by the management, she would get discouraged, and depressed. It would take her weeks to get on her feet, and start working again. But when she did she was an absolute workaholic.

Transform the word in brackets into the correct form (noun, verb, adverb, adjective), and fill in the blanks.

1.  Jack would wait __________ (patience) every time Rose was late for a date.

2.  Rajesh was a good manager. He would always put our__________(needy) before the business ones.

3.  Paula just lacks __________ (motivated), otherwise she’s very bright.

4. I’ve never met such a __________ (respect) person. She would interrupt me every time I opened my mouth.

Would past habits Evaluation

Choose the correct answer.

Top of Form

  1. I didn’t__________ live in this city.

a. Use to               b. used to

2. We__________ often go on holiday.

a. Wouldn’t          b. didn’t use to

3. When I was a child, we__________ have a dog.

a. used to              b. would

4. She__________ as a teacher for many years.

a. Used to work    b. worked

5. As a student, he never__________ have any money.

a.used to               b. would

6. My dad__________ always read to me before bed.

a. would                b. use to

Bottom of Form


1. Work in pairs. Student A needs to list 5 (five) of his/ her most prominent personal qualities. Student B has to guess them. When finished, change roles.

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