Would like/ Would like (to) – Animals and Nature

Would like/ Would like (to) – Animals and Nature

In this full tutorial for beginners’ learners are going to learn when and how to use “would like (to)” and change positive sentence into negative sentence and vice versa, and names some animals and nature vocabulary.

Subject matter: Would like/ Would like (to)
 Vocabulary focus: Animals and Nature

Value Focus: Love/Care for animals

Learning Experiences


Listen to Ana’s story and fill in the blanks using the words below.

house        daughter dogs      play      I’d like     on the beach

weather    sure          have    quiet      play

My_________ Ana said she’d like to have a big_________ on the beach one day. She’d like to have two_________ and a cat to _________with in the house. _________to go out and play with them _________in the summer, when the _________is nice”, she said. She is not _________ if she’d like to _________ a pet fish, because they are too _________ and don’t know how to _________.

Mark the sentences T for true, and F for false.

  1. Ana would like to have a big house on the beach.
  2. Ana would like to have two cats and a dog.
  3. She wouldn’t like to have fish, because they don’t know how to play.
  4. Ana would like to play on the beach when it’s raining.

B. Analysis and discussion

Discuss when and how to use would like/would like to in positive and negative form:

1. Positive

-would like      
        -Ana would like a cup of tea.      
-Ana would like to have a big house.        – would like to


– would not (wouldn’t) like -would not (wouldn’t) like to  
  – Ana would not like a cup of tea. -Ana would not like to have pet fish.

3. Positive questions

    -Like -like to             -Would you like a cup of tea?          -Would she like to have a big house?


Make the sentences positive.

  1. I wouldn’t like to go to the river and see the fish.
  2. Tom wouldn’t like to have a cat.
  3. Ana wouldn’t like to go to the park and play there.
  4. I wouldn’t like a cup of tea.

Would like to Or Would like?

  1. a cup of tea
  2. run in the park with my dog
  3. go to the beach in the summer
  4. a sandwich


Complete the sentence with “would like” or “would like to”

1. I ___________ have a car.

2. I ___________ lions and tigers very much.

3. She___________ playing tennis.

4. I ___________ eat a pizza tonight.

5. Mike___________ have children very much.


Name five animals you’ll like and use it in full sentences using ‘would like’.

Practice exercise 1

Complete the sentence using “would like” /”would like to”.

1. I ______________ playing basketball in my spare time.

2. My sister ______________ to go to Venice.

3. ______________ tea? If so, you should really try Earl Grey.

4. ______________ a cup of tea? I can brew some for you.

5. ______________ your new teacher?

6. ______________ your new teacher for next semester also?

7. ______________ some cheese with your wine?

8. I______________ some cheese with my wine, please.

9. I ______________ blue cheese with wine.

10. I ______________ jogging every morning before I go to work.

11. What ______________?

12. What ______________ today?

13. James ______________ the snow.

14. Carol ______________ study physics.

15. Carol ______________ studying physics.

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