Clash Of The Titans Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

CLASH OF THE TITANS – How did the world start based on Greek mythology? Here’s the Clash of the Titans story with a moral lesson and summary that will broaden your imagination of mythological tale of the Greeks.

The story is based on the poem of Hesiod, he is a Greek poet who lived during 8th-7th century BC where he narrate the origin and the genealogy of the Greek gods.

Continue reading the whole story to further understand how Zeus became the great hero of Greek mythology.

Clash of the Titans Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
Clash of the Titans Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Clash of the Titans

Ancient history says that, at the outset of time, there was only chaos. Darkness is everywhere, and nothing can ever be seen. Until the earth, Gaea was begotten from the havoc, and with it came the sun, moon, stars, mountains, the sea, and the sky, Uranus.

Afterward, Gaea and Uranus united, and from them born the Titans. And so, Uranus was terrified that his children might take him over. To solve his problem, he confined all of them to the depths of the earth.

But his son, Cronus, the strongest of the Titans, defeated him and ruled the world. Later, he married her sister Rhea. Together they have two gods and three goddesses: Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, and Demeter.

Like his father, Cronus feared one of his children might steal his throne. When the time came that they were born, he eventually swallowed them.

Notwithstanding, Rhea was waiting for her sixth child. She feared the child would share the same fate with her siblings.

She secretly gave birth to the child on a mountain in Crete and hid the child there. She named her precious child Zeus.

For her to save his newborn from Cronus, Rhea tricked him by giving him a stone in swaddling clothes. Cronus immediately swallowed it, thinking it was their baby.

The Nymphs fed the baby with the goat’s milk and cared for him. When he reaches adulthood, he looks for his father to seek revenge.

He tricked him into drinking a mixture of wine and mustard, and as a result, he disgorged all the contents of his stomach. His brothers and sisters came out fully grown from Cronus.

With it, the great Titanomachy, or a series of battles, began among the Titans and the gods. The colossal battle lasted for about ten years.

With Zeus as their leader, the gods defeated the Titans and threw them into Tartarus. A dark and sad place far away from earth.

Then, Gigantomachy, or a series of battles between the giants and the gods, began for the dominance of the world. The vast fight lasted for a long time.

The gods victoriously defeated the giants. With it, Zeus became the ruler of the world. He and the other gods settled in Olympus.

Story Analysis of the Clash of the Titans

In Greek mythology, the gigantomachy was the most critical battle. It is a battle that determines who will rule the world. With the strong will of the gods Zeus as their leader, they won the war and were placed as the new ruler.

Zeus is the mightiest, for he saved his siblings from their father, Cronus. He also led the Titanomachy and Gigantomachy wars in victory and was hailed as the world’s new ruler.

Clash of the Titans Moral Lesson

  • Fight for the love of family and believe in it.
    • The gods fight the Titans and the giants for the sake of family. Zeus freed his siblings from the stomach of his father, Cronus. He led the wars because he believed in the value of family.

Clash of the Titans Summary

Fight for the love of family and believe in it. The story tells about the history of how Greek mythology started. And so, from the beginning, there was only chaos everywhere, and nothing could be seen.

Until Gaea and Uranus rose from chaos, came together, and born the Titans. Uranus was afraid that one of them would take his thrown, so he confined the Titans to the depths of the earth.

But Cronus defeated him and ruled the world. He married Rhea that gave birth to Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, and Demeter.

He was also terrified that one of them would take his throne, so he swallowed them. Later, Rhea gave birth to Zeus, who defeated his father and freed his siblings. Zeus ruled the world by defeating the Titans and the Giants.

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