How Elephant Got Its Trunk Story With Moral Lesson/Summary

HOW ELEPHANT GOT ITS TRUNK – This time, we will uncover the story of how the elephant got its trunk with a moral lesson and summary. You will enjoy reading this tale, and it will widen your imagination.

Did you know that Elephants didn’t have long trunks back then? They have short noses and are all looking the same. What do you think happened why it became a long trunk now? Well, let’s read the whole story to know its real reason.

How Elephant Got Its Trunk With Moral Lesson And Summary
How Elephant Got Its Trunk With Moral Lesson And Summary

How Elephant Got Its Trunk

In the olden days, a herd of elephants in the African savannah looked the same. They were the biggest animals with heavy legs and huge bellies.

They, too, are gray and have big ears but little tiny noses on their faces.
There is a very precious boy of one of the herd’s couples. He always does trouble and can’t behave even for five minutes.

While his parents were busily eating leaves for lunch, the naughty little elephant sneaked off to the waterhole to play.

After playing around, the naughty baby elephant saw the mean old mister crocodile cloaking along the shore. As a curious baby elephant, he hurriedly went to look and see who was there.

Then, he asked, “Whatcha doing, mister crocodile?” The delighted crocodile got a bad idea. He was hungry and had not eaten for a day, so he thought of getting the baby elephant when he came close to consuming him.

The hungry crocodile replied, “I am a wise mister crocodile, little elephant. I help animals with their problems and make them smarter, so I wait in these waters.”

The little elephant eventually thought he could boss her parents around if he were more intelligent. So he asked wonderingly, “I like this idea, mister crocodile. But how would you be able to make me smarter?

“Well, little elephant, all you have to do is come closer. When you are close enough, you will know everything you ever wanted to know, for I will say the magic words.

Come on, just come closer.” The hungry crocodile furtively told the little elephant.

The thoughtless little elephant slowly came closer and was frightened initially but wanted to learn everything.

A little elephant kneeled, and the hungry crocodile bites down his mouth unto his nose. The baby elephant tried to back off and screamed, but the mean and the hungry crocodile won’t let go.

And so the struggle began. Back and forth, they tugged. At times it looked like the crocodile might win him over, but the baby elephant pulled with all his might.

He managed to win over mister crocodile, but the only thing that happened was he was a bit misshaped due to his ordeal. His nose was stretched longer and longer and tuned into a trunk.

Subsequently, the baby elephant was shocked by what happened to his nose and ran crying all the way home. His now long nose never returned to its original size.

When the time came that the bay elephant grew up and had children, their noses were long, and so were their children’s children.

From then on, never again has an elephant with a small nose. All have long trunks now.

Story Analysis of How Elephant Got Its Trunk

The myth tells us about the origin of how the elephants got their long trunks. Back then, their noses were short, but with the incident of a baby elephant with mister crocodile, his trunk grew due to tugging with him.

What happened to the baby elephant is because of his naughty behavior. He didn’t listen to his parents and wandered to a place of danger. On the other hand, because of the baby elephant, we’ve got to see them for what looked like now.

How Elephant Got Its Trunk Moral Lesson

  • Obey your parents, for they want you always to be safe.
    • The baby elephant does not behave and is always in trouble because he is not listening to his parent’s words. As a result, he got in trouble with a crocodile and ran home crying. If he had only listened to his parents, nothing wrong could have happened to him.
  • Sometimes the result of your suffering is beneficial.
    • The pain the baby elephant gets from tugging with the crocodile is unbearable, but the result is incredible. With his long trunk, he can now do many things that his small nose can’t do. He manages to make the most of what he has and learned to be grateful for it and his children’s children.

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk Summary

Back in time, elephants were heavy and massive but had small noses. There’s this baby elephant who always does trouble and misbehaves. Once, while his parents were eating lunch, he sneaked out to the waterhole. After playing for a while, the baby elephant noticed the mister crocodile.

Mister crocodile fooled him by coming closer; he will teach him how to be intelligent. Baby elephant believed, for he also wanted his parent to boss them. As the little elephant comes closer, the hungry crocodile bites his nose.

They tugged briefly until the baby elephant could win over him. As a result, his nose stretched longer into a trunk. With it, the long trunks of the elephants start.

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