Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail Story With Moral Lesson/Summary

WHY RABBIT HAS A SHORT TAIL – This article will uncover the real story of why rabbit has a short tail with a moral lesson and summary. This tale is from the Cherokee folklore of the native Americans, told for many generations until now.

According to the story, rabbits have long lash tails back then. But why are their tails short now? What do you think happened to their tails? Well then, let us read the whole story to understand what happened to them and why they lost their long tails.

Why Rabbit Has a Short Tail Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
Why Rabbit Has a Short Tail Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail

Long ago, by the time the world was young, the Rabbit had a long bushy tail that he was very proud of. His tail was bushier and longer than Fox’s tail.

The Rabbit has so carried away with his beautiful tail that each time he sees other animals, he constantly tells them about it.

After quite some time, the jealous Fox became tired of hearing the bragging of Rabbit about his tail. He concluded to put an end to Rabbit’s boasting decisively.

The time came that the weather became colder. The day finally came when it became so cold that the water froze in lakes and streams.

After a few days of further waiting for his proper time, Fox came down to the lake, taking with him four fish. He immediately cut a hole when he got to the lake.

Then, he tied the four fish to his tail, sat beside the hole he dug, and patiently waited for the Rabbit to arrive.

Shortly after, Rabbit came happily hopping over the top of the ridge. Fox immediately saw Rabbit, so he quickly dropped his tail into the cold water.

Curious Rabbit quickly hopped towards Fox when he saw him and asked, “What are you doing?” “I’m fishing, Rabbit,” Fox answered.

“With your tail?” asked Rabbit again. “Oh yes, that’s the best way to catch a lot of fish,” replied the Fox.

Rabbit queried, “How long have you been fishing?” Fox falsified and said, “Oh, it’s just fifteen minutes since I started.” “So, have you caught any fish then?” Rabbit asked again.

Fox pulled up his tail, and four fish were hanging on it.”

“Wow, that’s a lot! What do you plan to do with the fish you catch?” queried Rabbit. Fox says, “Well, I figured out I will fish for a week. After getting enough fish, I will take it to the Cherokee village and trade them with beautiful tail combs. One set of tail combs was left, and I want them to brush on my lovely tail.”

Fox saw that Rabbit was thinking about what he had said. Rabbit thought, “If I would fish all night, I could probably catch enough fish by morning to trade for the comb in the Cherokee village. Then, I could brush my long and bushy tail.”

Fox said, “It’s getting late, and I’m cold. It’s time for me to go home. I think I’ll come back in the morning to fish some more. See you tomorrow, Rabbit.”

Then Fox happily lopped off over the ridge and went home straight. By the time Fox was out of sight, foolish Rabbit had dropped his tail down into the lake’s icy water. “Brrrrrr, it was so cold!”

But Rabbit remembered, “Oh, no. I will do it, for I want those combs for my tail more than anything else.” So, Rabbit sat down on the hole in the ice to fish all night.

Morning came, and the rose in the sky; Fox excitedly lopped over the top of the ridge. He ran straight to Rabbit. He said, “Rabbit, what are you doing there?”

Rabbit, who was trembling in the cold, began to chatter. “I’mmm ffffiiisssshiiiing, Ffffooooox.” Fox secretly laughed and said, “Have you caught any fish yet?”

Rabbit weakly started to get up, but he discovered he couldn’t push up his whole body. He pleaded, “Ffffooox, I’mmm sssstttttuuuck, you’ve gggotttt to hellpppp meeee.”

Then, Fox, with a big bright smile, walked behind Rabbit. He gave one mighty big shove to Rabbit.

Rabbit’s body eventually popped out of that hole and landed across the other side of the lake. But his tail didn’t pop along with his body.

It was still stuck in the frozen water. The Rabbit was full of regret for believing Fox’s ideas. And so, from that moment on to this day, Rabbit has a short tail.

Story Analysis Of Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail

The story revealed that the rabbit had bushy and long tails back then, so he was carried away by it. He was boastful and arrogant back then. He was the most beautiful among other animals and showed off his tail whenever he saw them.

Because he is so arrogant, he falls for the trick of Fox. He is fool enough to believe his tail could catch fish in a freezing lake and trade for tail combs in the Cherokee village.

As a result, his beloved beautiful long, bushy tail was stuck in the ice. Fox pulled him, and his whole body popped out, but his tail remained.

Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail Moral Lesson

  • Your arrogance can also harm you.
    • Rabbit always exaggerates his beautiful bushy and long tail, showing off to every animal how pretty it is. That is why Fox tricked him; his tail was stuck in the ice and no longer in his body.
  • He who is greedy can make fewer friends.
    • Fox was greedy for the attention given to Rabbit’s beautiful tail, for maybe he wanted the same. With it, he tricked him into fishing in the icy lake using his tail, which was later detached from his body. That could be why the fox has no rabbit friends after all.

Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail Summary

When the world was young, Rabbit had a bushy and long tail that, each time he saw other animals, he constantly told them about it.

Fox became tired of hearing his bragging, so by the time the weather was cold, he came down to the lake and maneuvered his plan for him. He cut a hole in the lake and tied four fish in his tail.

Rabbit arrived and asked what he was doing. The fox said he was fishing, had caught four fish, and had to go home because he was cold.

The fox also explained that he had to fish for a week to trade a set of tail combs in the Cherokee village. He lusted for what Fox said and immediately dipped his tail into the water.

By morning, Fox checked Rabbit and was happy he was already freezing. He pulled Rabbit out of the ice, but the tailed remained.

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