How Maui Slowed The Sun Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

HOW MAUI SLOWED THE SUN – Did you know a story about the sun? If not, here’s a story about how Maui slowed the sun with a moral lesson and summary. The story is quite playful to read, so enjoy it as you do so.

The story is of the Mauri culture. This legend will tell us about the sun when it was young compared to today’s sun. We will know how the people lived during that time.

How Maui Slowed The Sun Story With Moral Lesson And Summary
How Maui Slowed The Sun Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

How Maui Slowed The Sun

A long time ago, by the time the Sun was younger, he rose speedily and sat faster across the sky than he does today: all the time, he was definitely in a hurry.
This boy named Maui heard his older brothers grumble that sunlight was not enough during the day. They don’t have enough time to fish, hunt, and do jobs no matter how early they get up and fast they do things.
Maui deeply ponders this problem. One night as they are sitting around the fire with the usual clamors in their mouths. Maui interrupted them by saying, “I can slow the sun.”
They paused for a while, then laughed heavily at Maui.
“Don’t be foolish, Maui!” they replied. “If you do that, you will be burnt to ashes. He is enormous and powerful. No one can slow the Sun.”
“Listen,” Maui uttered, “come with the women and gather as many flaxes as possible. Then I will show you.”
So, together with the women, his curious brothers collected an enormous pile of flax. Maui showed them how to make flax ropes. With their help, they formed a big net out of it. After it was all done, he picked up his axe and told them. “Follow me.”
For the next few days, they walked eastward. They searched for the cave where the Sun emerged every morning. At last, they found it and immediately covered the entrance with their enormous net. Maui then instructed them to coat themselves in wet clay and hide.
Not long after, they spotted the first rays of the Sun coming from the cave and felt the burning heat. Then, the brothers hovered in fear as the heat of the Sun fell upon them. Despite it, the clay that they put on kept their bodies cool.
At that moment, Maui yelled at the top of his lungs, “Pull!”
Gradually, the enormous net trapped the Sun.
Struggling with the net, the Sun was furious and roared. Maui then ran towards the Sun and held high his axe.
The Sun cried even louder, “What are you doing? Why are you trying to kill me?”
“I am not killing you,” Maui shouted, “But you must understand we need you. You go too fast across the sky. You need to give us more hours of light. It gets dark too fast.”
The Sun replied, “Well, with your enormous net, you have made me so weak that I could only go slowly. I promise you’ll have plenty of hours of light from now on.”
Maui immediately released the rope, and the Sun slowly rose into the sky. The tribespeople and his brothers thanked Maui and were happily proud of him.
Until today, the Sun gives us enough time to work by slowly crossing the sky.

Story Analysis Of How Maui Slowed The Sun

The legend tells us how it was for the world’s first people to live with the Sun pacing faster toward the sky. They have to do something to slow its pace, or else it would still be hard for them to do their jobs with the short daylight they have.

Taming the Sun is difficult, so they united to collect flax and make a giant rope. Maui is such a clever man to have ever thought of the such idea.

How Maui Slowed The Sun Moral Lesson

  • Persistence is the key to achieving success.
    • Maui is quite a persistent individual. He stands for his words that he knows how to tame the Sun and persists in making ways to do so until he finishes the job.
  • The unity of the people is powerful.
    • The Mauri people united in making flax ropes and even during the time of trapping the Sun. It only shows that something big is yet to be achieved if people work together.
  • Helping others will not make you weak.
    • At the end of the story, the Sun decides to slow down to give the people a long time for work. Even if he was slowed down, his power light never weakens; thus, it remains robust, giving us the light we need.

How Maui Slowed The Sun Summary

In the story, Maui and his brothers are forced to eat in the dark and cannot finish their work because the Sun sits fast. Maui decided to trap the Sun to slow it down. He told his brother to come with the women of their tribe to gather flax and made a vast fax rope out of it.

They then went to the cave where the Sun rises. They placed the rope net in the cave’s opening and coated their bodies with clay. As soon as the Sun rose, he was caught by the net and weakened as it could not move anymore. Maui then shouted to give them more time for light so they could work. Because he was already weak, he could not resist the request of Maui. He promised to rise into the sky slowly. Maui’s brothers and other tribe people thank him. To this day, the Sun crosses the sky at a slow pace.

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