St. George And The Dragon Story With Moral Lesson/Summary

ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON – We all know St. George as a soldier of God, but here is a story of St. George and the dragon with a moral lesson and summary. It is his most notable story as he slays a dragon representing the devil.

The story goes that a dragon forced the villagers to tribute two sheep a day until it ran out. Desperate, they offered their children until St. George came to save them and kill the ferocious beast. Let’s find out more about the story below.

St. George And The Dragon Story with Moral Lesson and Summary
St. George And The Dragon Story with Moral Lesson and Summary

St. George And The Dragon

A legend says a knight named St. George, who traveled to save people, came to Silene in Libya. The city was in terrible distress. In a large, stagnant, and smelly lake near the city lived a dragon that spewed venom all around. It is the cruelest beast in the land. The deleterious beast had enormous wings that blotted out the sun and a rough green scale as hard as iron. Whenever the dragon breathed on a person or animal, it died on the spot. It had also poisoned all the land around the city.

The people of Silene had no choice but to come to terms with the dragon. At first, they gave the beast two sheep a day to alleviate it and halt it from attacking them. For quite some time, it was okay, but soon they ran out of sheep. In desperation, they began to offer their children to the dragon. The children to be sacrificed were chosen via lottery.

One day, the name of the king’s daughter, Princess Sabra, was selected, and the queen and the king were brokenhearted. In this moment of despair, the king offered all the gold and wealth he had to spare her beloved daughter. But the people argued that it must be entirely fair. The people demanded that she be delivered to the dragon-like their children.

The king was saddened that he shall never see her daughter on her wedding day. So, the king dresses Princess Sabra in a wedding gown like a bride, and she is out to be the dragon’s food.

St. George passed by as she was on her way to the dragon. He is a Roman soldier and a Christian from Cappadocia in Turkey. He asked the princess what was happening. She pleaded with her to leave immediately before the dragon came out and ate him too. But, in the name of Jesus, St. George swore to help the princess.

When Princess Sabra told St George what was happening in their city, the dragon showed its head out of the lake.
Saint George eventually rode his horse and hurriedly stabbed the dragon with his spear into its shoulder. The dragon was wounded but not fatally. It was then enraged and rounded the soldier. Then he wrapped the princess’s girdle around the dragon’s neck. Immediately the dragon became as peaceful as a lamb.

Princess Sabra led the beast meekly into the city like a dog following its master. Upon seeing the scene, the people were horrified, but Saint George calmed them to be baptized as Christians. Many of the people were baptized, then Saint George slew the dragon. Its body was so huge that it needed four ox-carts out of the city.

Out of thankfulness, the king built a church with the blessing of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint George. Then, from its altar rose a spring that cures all diseases.

Story Analysis Of St. George and the Dragon

The story was the representation of good over evil. The soldier, St. George, was the good one who stood against the evil force represented by the dragon. He killed the dragon to save the innocent princess and its future victims.

Witnessing the happenings, the people were amazed and delighted that their long-gone problem was gone. They could now live peacefully, and no children will even be gone again. As a thanksgiving for the good deeds of St. George, they were baptized into Christianity.

St George and the Dragon Moral Lesson

  • A brave man can conquer his fear and survive any challenge.
    • St. George never feared the dragon that is said to have enormous wings that blotted out the sun, a rough green scale as hard as iron, and spewed venom. They fought ferociously and bravely, but St. George never surrendered, even with the danger that he might be killed by it. He defeated the dragon to save the princess and the city of Silene.

St George and the Dragon Summary

The soldier, St. George, who traveled to save people, visited Silene in Libya. Here, there was a ferocious dragon that spewed venom. The people gave it two sheep a day, but it ran out. Then, they began to sacrifice their children, that was chosen via lottery.

The day came when the king’s daughter, Princess Sabra, was chosen. The king offered gold and wealth to the people, but they attested that she should be sacrificed like their children. Saint George passed by as she was on her way to the dragon. She asked her what was happening and swore to help her. The dragon then came out, and he speared its shoulder and wrapped its neck with the princess’s girdle. They brought it back to the city, and St. George baptized the people as Christians.

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