The Mice That Ate Iron Story With Moral Lesson And Summary

THE MICE THAT ATE IRON – Let’s indulge in one of the best stories for kids entitled The Mice That Ate The Iron with moral lesson and summary. Stories with good lessons like this is very much loved by parents to tell their kids at bedtime.

The story is an excellent way of telling young ones not to lie and return things that do not belong to them. These lessons are great for training them to become noble. They will eventually carry it as they grow old and teach these lessons to others like their friends.

The Mice That Ate The Iron Story with Moral Lesson and Summary
The Mice That Ate The Iron Story with Moral Lesson and Summary

The Mice That Ate Iron

Once upon a time, a young merchant named Naduk was heading off on a long trip. His business turned for the worse. He sold off all his possessions to pay all his debts. All that was left of him was his precious iron weighing scale. He brought it to his good friend Bondu, a shopkeeper, and asked him to look after it. “Of course, Naduk! I will take good care of the beam until you return,” said Bondu.

The merchant then left him. For years, he traveled far and wide and worked hard. He grew wealthy once again, returned to his town, opened a huge shop, and bought a new house.

Bondu heard the rumors that Naduk had returned to their town, was already wealthy, and started a new business.

Sometimes after a whole business day, Naduk visited his good friend Bondu who welcomed him warmly. They talked for quite a long time about the travel of the merchant. Before leaving, Naduk asked Bondu to return the iron weighing scale. Bondu wanted to avoid returning it, which was also valuable to his business.

With a sad face, he said, “I am sorry, Naduk! Something bad happened to your beam. I put it in the storeroom, but the mice ate it.”

“What? The mice ate it?” cried the shocked merchant. “They were of solid iron! How come?”

“It’s quite unbelievable, but the mice around here love the taste of iron, especially like it,” explained the shopkeeper.

Naduk thought very hard as he walked home. “The absurd. Mice can’t eat iron. Bondu wants my scale for himself, but how can I prove it?”

The following day, Naduk asked Bondu to send his son to his home so that he could give him gifts. Bondu, without hesitation, sent his son Pindu to go with Naduk and get the gifts.

Upon reaching home, he looked at Pindu in the cellar of his house. Pindu didn’t return home that evening, so his father, Bondu, was worried and came to ask about his son.

“Where is my son?” asked Bondu. “Oh, it was so unfortunate. On the way, a hawk carried him off. I followed it, but I couldn’t keep up. I am sorry, my friend.”

The two quarreled, for Bondu said a hawk couldn’t carry his son.

Eventually, they went to court. The judge also said that a hawk couldn’t carry a young boy. Naduk cleverly said, “If the mice in Naduk’s shop can eat away my iron weighing scale, of course, a hawk can carry his son Pindu!”
Naduk narrated the whole story, and everyone in the courtroom laughed.

Upon hearing, the judge demanded the whole story. He ordered Bondu to return the iron weighing scale and Naduk to return Bondu’s son.

Bondu apologized to Naduk for trying to trick him, and the two became good friends again.

Story Analysis of The Mice That Ate Iron

The story tells us of a man who tries to trick a friend of his belonging. Wanting it for himself, he never intended to return the scale. Sometimes, the things that are useful to us are hard to let go of, but sadly in the tale, the case is that it doesn’t belong to Bondu, so he has to return it.

In life, this matter also happens. Some people are trying to own things that do not belong to them. Some borrowed things become theirs because they think they are helpful. But, it is stealing and against moral conduct and the law.

The Mice That Ate Iron Moral Lesson

  • The truth cannot be kept away; no one can hide it forever.
    • Bondu tried hard to keep the iron weighing scale for himself. He even lied by saying that the mice ate it. But the right time came, and the truth came out, thanks to the judge.
  • Do not trust a foolish man of your valuable things; he will also foolishly break his promise.
    • Naduk trusted his iron weighing scale to be his great friend Bundo. On the other hand, Bundo liked it so much that he didn’t want to return it. He tried to fool Naduk into thinking that the mice ate it. But luckily, Naduk didn’t believe it and later took it back.

The Mice That Ate Iron Summary

The story tells that a young merchant named Naduk was heading for a long trip, for his business worsened. He left his precious iron weighing scale to his friend Bondu for he would look for the fortune and return afterward. The time came when Naduk became rich, returned to their town, and opened a new business.

He asked Bundo about his scale but said the mice ate it. Naduk couldn’t believe it, so he told Bundo to send his son to his house for gifts and hid the kid in the cellar. Bundo looked for his son, but Naduk said the hawk carried it. Bundo didn’t believe it until they reached the court. Naduk noted that if the mice can eat away my iron weighing scale, a hawk can carry his son Pindu. The judge let Naduk narrate the story and ordered them to return what they took from each other.

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